Recently we heard from director James Mangold that we wouldn’t see Hugh Jackman (‘Real Steel‘, ‘Pan”) suiting up for a sequel to ‘The Wolverine‘ until after ‘X-Men: Apocalypse‘ was released. That would push the film back to after 2016. Thankfully Fox decided for a change that they didn’t want rumors to run rampant and have released a multitude of release dates of their upcoming films, ‘The Wolverine 2’ included!

First up I won’t keep you waiting. The sequel to ‘The Wolverine which will have James Mangold returning in the director’s chair and Hugh Jackman returning as Logan is coming. The rumor is validated and is slated to be released on March 3, 2017. Does that mean that they may have found a way to work Wolverine into the ‘Apocalypse’ story line? Well if we get a vision of an alternate future there is always room to play the Horsemen of Death but that is just wild speculation on my part.

Second up, we know that the ‘Fantastic Four‘ has been cast but without seeing anything Fox has already announced that there will be a sequel! Rumors have been swirling around it since we first heard news of the many changes that might be coming, but Fox seems to be convinced that they have a hit on their hands. With any hit when it comes to a Marvel film there is always a sequel and the second ‘Fantastic Four’ looks to be set for a July 14, 2017 release!

Finally we have a target release date of a film for July 13, 2018. Which film is that? Well that is a good question as it is currently a mystery that Fox is not sharing any details on – just that it is a Marvel film. Will we be getting another ‘X-Men’ movie? A spin-off with another character? Will it be something to do with ‘X-Force’? Maybe a Deadpool movie that retcons that horrible excuse for the ‘Origins’ film and gives us the Deadpool that we deserve? The mutant line is rich for expanding so there are quite a few directions they could go with it.

What do you think of the release dates on the films? Are you thinking Wolverine may make an appearance in ‘Age of Apocalypse’? Is it a good idea to set a date for ‘Fantastic Four 2’ with no word on how the first one will do at the box office? What are your thoughts on the mystery film? Share your thoughts below true believers!