We’re reaching the end of the first 13-episode season of Ronald D. Moore’s (‘Battlestar Galactica‘, ‘Caprica’) ‘Helix‘. For your early preview enjoyment, we have a clip of the first five minutes for the penultimate episode to give you a little bit of a tease of what we’ll be seeing as the first season comes to a close. Illyria’s plans for delivering the virus to her own boss really seem to be coming together as the survivors are barely able to stay alive as it is. The clip has a few teases of what is coming up without giving too much away, at least that is my guess with how the episodes have all been building so far.

The synopsis for the episode teases tht Katake will be faced with an impossible choice while the base faces a new threat. What decision will he make? We’ll have to see when the episode airs!

In the meantime, let’s have a look at what to expect with this 5 minute clip! (Although, if you don’t want any spoilers you may want to skip the video and what I’ve written after this point!)

With just under five minutes we get a tease of Illyria’s new henchmen that has just shown up on the base and see a nice little order for all personnel to be terminated. Speaking of employees being terminated, that was quite a few body bags we ended up seeing lining the halls. On top of thatn we get a look at the survivors who are hiding within the bunker and what they are trying to do. It really looks like we are leading into quite the finale and we still have to see exactly what choice Hatake has to make.

If you’ve been keeping up with the show, what do you think of the first five minutes of the next episode as well as the synopsis? How do you think they’ll write this to be able to go into a full second season? Share your thoughts below!

Episode Synopsis:

Hatake is faced with an impossible choice while the base faces a new threat. What decision will he make?

Source: Blastr.