In late 2012, an all-new movement was created by Marvel Comics when Kelly Sue DeConnick promoted Carol Danvers from Ms. Marvel to Captain Marvel in ‘Captain Marvel’ #1. At that moment, the Carol Corps was born along with one of the most popular comic book series today. However, in the days leading up to issue seventeen, the fan favorite book was mysteriously absent from solicitations. Readers became worried about the fate of their beloved Captain Marvel, but at New York Comic Con last year, the announcement was made that the mighty Avenger’s hit comic would be getting a new number one with the All-New Marvel NOW banner. And now this week, we finally get to see what’s next for Carol. Here’s a hint: All things point up.

In part one of the arc titled ‘Higher, Further, Faster, More’, Captain Marvel and Iron Patriot team up to save an unidentified flying capsule with an unconscious alien inside. Later on in the issue, they team up in another way, but before we see their budding relationship, Tony Stark approaches Carol about an Avengers presence in space with the Guardians of the Galaxy. After coming off of a tour of duty with Star-Lord and the gang recently, he’s seen first hand how the universe could use an Avenger or two out there. And now Iron Man approaches Captain Marvel with the idea… of sending Rhodey?!

Of course, Tony is just pushing Carol’s buttons and wants to send her, but that’s a great place to start with my review. One thing that I’ve always loved about DeConnick’s writing at Marvel is just the playful nature between her heroes. There’s almost a child-like quality to her books that manage to appeal to adults in a way that reminds them that superheroes are supposed to be fun. At the same time, there’s almost always a deeper, more meaningful message to her writing that’s prominent in her books. So in a way, her books appeal to the hardened veteran comic book fans out there at your local comic book shop and the child who first started reading comics that’s still hidden deep inside of them.

There are so many parts of this book that I enjoyed like Carol and Rhodey, Tony’s guest appearance, and everything involving Kit, who is especially adorable in her Captain Marvel shirt as she waits up for her idol to return home to the Statue of Liberty. However, the opening pages are what really sucked me in. The first five pages felt like an intergalactic version of ‘Indiana Jones’ or ‘Aladdin’. There was a great action/adventure movie feel about it that possessed the ability to draw in even the newer readers of the series.

The artwork by David Lopez and Lee Loughridge was pretty amazing as well. I love how much emotion comes from the facial expressions that Lopez draws, but most especially the eyes. They convey so many feelings and it matches up with Kelly Sue’s writing style really well. That final page of Carol flying upwards and the regular cover of the book are absolutely stunning. I can’t wait to see what else the artistic team pulls out in the issues to come.

I’m not going to lie to you, readers. Prior to reading this issue of ‘Captain Marvel’, I had only read #17 of the last volume and have only had interactions with Carol in various Avengers titles. I had always meant to pick up the trades and catch up, but I just couldn’t swing the funds at the time. However, I am extremely happy that I was able to pick up the newest issue featuring Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Captain Marvel because it was definitely one of my favorite books this week. Now if the issue of money comes up again soon when it comes to my comics, I’ll have to find something else to cut because Carol is sticking around.

Final Score:


Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick
Art by David Lopez & Lee Loughridge