riri williams iron manThe “Marvel Legacy” event will have many new iterations of characters being able to team up with the originals and this will also be showcased in an interesting way in ‘Invincible Iron Man’. Tony Stark has disappeared and Riri Williams has been keeping up his mantle. Interestingly enough is that she’s already had his ear in helping as Stark at one point downloaded a digital copy of himself into an AI to help her out. Now, Brian Michael Bendis shares a bit as to how the two will actually end up getting along.

The current theme in the “Marvel Legacy” event will be what is the legacy of all of our favorite heroes. This seems to be a fitting theme as it is one which has clearly been being setup for the past few years with new takes on many of our classic characters and as Bendis puts it:

“Well, two things happened when Marvel started playing with this idea for the fall, and [when I heard] the theme, I just started smiling ear to ear, because it’s literally about what all my books are about at the moment. It’s just where I was at in my head. Number one, because some of the characters that I’m writing are legacy characters, they’re actually starting in someone else’s legacy and we’ll see where they end up, in great Marvel tradition. But right now, Miles Morales and Riri are two of the most spotlighted characters in this arena, and it’s just a great opportunity to zero in on what the book has been about.

Now for Iron Man, it’s not just Tony Stark’s legacy. It’s Riri Williams’ legacy, Victor Von Doom’s legacy, and Tony Stark’s legacy. It’s not just a normal person’s legacy; it’s wide, and it’s got a lot of tentacles…not to be too Hydra with the tentacles. But his reach, and the reach of his legacy, from the Avengers to the Stark Foundation, is enormous. So we’re going to get to explore some things about Tony, and about the Iron Man Universe that we haven’t seen before, and it just so happens that we’ve spent the last year and a half building up to this like this is where I was headed.

Now, what’s cool is, all three of the main Iron Man characters will be joined by other Iron Man characters, looking for what has happened to Tony Stark. If we’re going to get Tony Stark back, what form will that be in? And how cool will the armor be? Now, there are other characters in the Iron Man universe that I’m not mentioning right now, big characters. Amanda, MJ, Friday, Tony A.I., huge characters, a lot going on and a lot of connections to the Marvel Universe, all of which will be detailed and unfolded within the storyline that starts with INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #593.”

There is a lot going on here and I can’t wait to see it. Another fun tidbit here is that Bendis mentioned Victor Von Doom. One can’t forget that Doom has been running around claiming to be Iron Man as well these days in order to change her persona for the world. Speaking of Victor:

“Victor is on just about the biggest, most complicated redemption story…one of the biggest villains in the history of all fiction is trying to claw himself out of the hole. How much he’s been able to do is amazing. But, the enemy list he has created in doing so is enormous, and it’s not just from this dimension. So, his involvement in Tony Stark’s legacy may become, at one point, such a struggle, that he may destroy it. And something new has to be created, or he makes a sacrifice that brings up something new as well. What’s going on with Victor is probably the most unique thing going on story-wise at Marvel.”

I’ll be curious to see how Victor would react to Tony returning and what that would mean for his quest for redemption as Iron Man. As to Tony himself, how will he factor into the Legacy event and what kind of a condition is he in?

“Tony’s situation has changed. And that’ll be teased in the Marvel Legacy one-shot by Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic, and then I think our INVINCIBLE IRON MAN issue comes out like right after that, and you can dive right in: big, brand new, very reader-friendly Iron Man storyline.”

While it isn’t quite clear yet if Tony will return, it sure sounds like he will be having some kind of an appearance and direct impact on things going forward.

Are you looking forward to seeing what Bendis will be doing with Tony Stark and everyone related to Iron Man in the upcoming books? Do you think this will mark the return of Tony in a new set of armor? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: Marvel