I am going of to a house

And entering it like a snake…

I will devour their babes and

Make their hearts ache.”

It’s often joked how mother-in-laws can be a killer to a marriage…well, that’s no exaggeration as far as this week’s ‘Grimm’ goes, with Sgt Wu taking up center stage as he comes closer to discover there are things that go bump in the Portland night.

In Meisner’s Swiss Alps hideaway, Adalind finally gives birth to her baby girl, a birth that removes the ‘former’ from her hexenbiest status as she woges out immediately after delivery. Later as she rests, Meisner calls Renard to give him the update on Captain’s possible child. Renard takes only a moment to let the idea sink in when he tells Meisner to get Adalind out of town ASAP. Now’s not the time for the Royals or the Verrat to catch up with them.

As motherhood is the theme of this episode, Sam’s pregnant wife Dana is attacked by a long-tongued monster as he’s away buying some prenatal vitamins. A neighbor hears Dana’s screams and rushes in, no doubt saving her life and driving the creature away. Wu hears the call for help and recognizes the address. He rushes to the scene and Dana, his good friend, whispers ‘Aswang’ in his ear before passing out.

Wu leads the detectives through the scene

With Dana taken to the hospital, Hank and Nick arrive at the house, scouring the scene for evidence. They find a few claw marks and a trail of blood leading out the window but not much more. The witness mentions a ‘ticking’ sound emanating from the room but nothing that can help ID the attacker—not yet. When the detectives speak to the doctor, he tells them that the amniotic fluid was sucked out of Dana’s stomach. With such little evidence, they hit up Juliette for a second opinion but she can only address the elephant in the room; “If this is Wesen related, how are you gonna keep Wu in the loop?”  Speaking of Wu, he’s still at the hospital with Sam, promising his friend’s hubby that they’ll find the attacker. Too bad hubby Sam is the same type of Wesen that attacked Dana and has more than an idea of what’s going on, declaring to his brother that “I can’t do it…I won’t” before demanding to know where “she” is.

That night, Wu’s subconscious plays out Dana’s muttered ‘Aswang’ and he remembers the stories told to him as a child. He pays a visit to his cousin the next day and the two bring to light a bit more about the Filipino legend. With Dana awake, the detectives return to the hospital. Finished with the tests, the doctor found valerian root—a sedative—coursing through Dana’s system, a primary reason she doesn’t  remember much about the attack save for the pain. Wu joins the detectives and nearly spills his theory on the ‘Aswang’ but pulls back, temporarily dismissing it as crazy.

Still not one to let it go, Wu returns to Dana’s house, just after Sam has received “her” location from his brother. The anxious Sam directs Wu away from the house though the behavior brings out the suspicious cop nature of the sergeant, especially when Sam is so late to the hospital (he was visiting his Aswang mother, who was the one feeding on Dana). Wu’s no stranger to those hiding things and knows Sam’s involved in some way. He’s not subtle in threatening Sam with harm if the anything should befall Dana.

After consulting with Rosalee, Nick and the gang (sans Juliette) visit the trailer to gather some more intel on the Aswang from his aunt’s books. The topic of letting Wu in on Wesen is discussed and whereas Monroe, Rosalee, and Nick are extremely hesitant to give Wu the truth, Hank (who’s been in the sergeant’s position the year before) is adamant they need to come clean to him. Unable to shake his gut, Wu tells Hank and Nick about the Aswang stories and the frustrated Hank offers him the advice that “sometimes, things can’t be explained” and to give his instincts “a little more credit”. Wu does just that and calls to check in on Dana while parked outside her house. His decision puts him at the scene when Sam’s mother walks down the street before doing her crittery crawl up the tree.

Welcome to the party, Wu

Following Wu’s information on Sam’s mom being in town, Nick and Hank arrive at her motel only to find the ripped up ticket and the jar of Valerian Root. While they’re sussing out where she’s gone, Wu checks in on the house, spotting Sam’s unconscious form at the bottom of the steps (where his mom unceremoniously deposited him) and races up the steps. He’s not ready for what he sees: the fully woged out Aswang as it feeds on an unconscious Dana. As Wu fights for his life and sanity, Hank and Nick arrive on the scene with the latter putting a bullet in the Aswang’s head before it could take a chunk out of Wu. The stunned sergeant can only watch as the beast that attacked him transforms back into the elderly woman. The improbable events hammer into Wu and he can only repeat “it wasn’t her” as he falls deeper into hysteria.

We’re treated to a final glimpse as Meisner watches over Adalind but she may not need him as her baby girl stares at Meisner with wicked eyes. Back in Portland, Nick and Hank visit a very disturbed Wu who’s checked himself into a mental institution, his mind’s eye recreating visions of the Aswang.

Grimm Times

  • Remember the words of Monroe’s father about the Wildesheer signifying the coming of something much worse? Well, based on what we saw with Meisner as he watched over Adalind and their baby, it’s safe to assume said baby and the power within her has something to do with that “much worse”. Can the baby be a force for good or will she pick up where her mother left off?
  • It was only a matter of time before someone was introduced into the wonderful world of Wesen. Wu’s reaction—he’s gone bonkers—is a believable response to seeing something so out of tune with what you know to be reality. The disappointing thing is Nick and Hank’s decision to let their friend and brother-in-arms continue believing he’s crazy. After all he’s done, in this case, and others,  he deserves a true explanation.