This is, quite possibly, one of the Warehouse’s funniest episodes to date. While still in the afterglow of Eureka, I found myself sobering up with a disheartening hospital scene where it appears yet another artifact has claimed a life.

In the tradition of Warehouse 13, however, we find the team grilling Artie relentlessly. Apparently Artie has “cleaned himself up.” Come to find out, Artie is meeting Dr. Vanessa, his love interest. “Team Clartie” head to the hospital to meet Vanessa, finding several victims of this latest mysterious artifact.

Meanwhile, back at the Warehouse – Pete and Myka awaken… together… in Artie’s bed… NAKED! Screaming, they leap from the bed and Myka is, well, blonde. They attempt to recall the events of the previous evening to no avail and begin to retrace their steps. Finding Artie’s toothbrush in the bed did not help in solving this particular mystery.

Switching back to “Team Clartie,” we watch an awkward scene with Artie attempting to smooth talk Vanessa. Back again to the uncomfortable situation with Pete & Myka, Artie contacts them via the Farnsworth. Artie offers no help in this fiasco. Wait a minute, where’s Steve? The newest member of ‘Warehouse 13’ is missing, only deepening the conundrum.

Somewhere in the world, a high tech peeping tom is spying on attractive women via his laptop. When a suspicious golden electrical charge attacks the young woman, we discover what may be the cause of recent and perplexing events.

Back at the hospital, an unexpected visitor ala Hugo Miller from a previous episode, throws the proverbial wrench into Artie’s romantic plans for Vanessa. Meanwhile, in some hilarious flashbacks, we see Pete & Myka attempting to unravel the missing time they are experiencing.

When Myka remembers Steve telling them that he is, indeed gay, Pete jumps in, in true Pete fashion saying, “Oh my God! You’re gay? Finally! Thank God some one who appreciates – all this!” (motioning to his own physique). Also, yet another “Peteism” namedrops ‘Star Wars’ saying, “it IS hard to fire ray guns in movies. Ever see a Storm Trooper hit anything? Not once.”

“Team Clartie” brilliantly discovers a hidden computer code inside one of the victims DNA and they then begin to piece together the parts of the puzzle.

We find out that, in one of those hilarious, artifact induced intoxicated romps that Steve is… not missing, exactly. More or less he is, there in the Warehouse – in the bronzer. Ooops!

Claudia, upset at seeing Artie’s disappointment in the state of his love life, attempts to console him. Claudia discovers that the victims all had one thing in common, the popular computer chain store, Tiger Direct. In which, it just so happens, I myself have been to on several occasions! This discovery gives our team their biggest lead, and they follow it up only to be trapped in the store by Tyler, the suspect in question. In a simple final prank on his former employer,Tyler hacks into the store’s network and inadvertently infects several employees, customers and Hugo! The CDC locks down the store as Claudia attempts to track down Tyler and stop him from infecting others.

Pete and Myka, retracing their steps from one strange artifact to another, find Steve – still frozen in the bronze sector. Attempting to free him using a DNA sample to override the system, Myka realizes why Artie’s toothbrush played a pivotal role in the team’s activities. In a brilliant plan by Myka, the entire reason they woke up in bed together is finally revealed.

Claudia finds Tyler, who is completely unaware he was responsible for the mishaps, gets the necklace, and delivers it to Artie in hopes of reversing the affliction before it takes more lives. The crisis is averted, and Artie, being the gentleman he is, gives his begrudging blessing to Vanessa and Hugo. The delight in Claudia’s face when Vanessa explains to him that her relationship with Hugo is in the past is absolutely adorable.

‘Warehouse 13’ does not fail to deliver yet again. This is why it is SyFy channel’s most successful series to date! If you missed last week’s episode you can view the recap here. Tune in next week, when we recap the next exciting episode of  ‘Warehouse 13!’