It’s the great comedy that made Punxsutawney Phil a household name. That’s right, today we are talking about the Harold Ramis‘ classic ‘Groundhog Day.’ In this laugh-fest with heart, a weatherman, played by Bill Murray, finds himself living the same day over and over again and in the process discovers what it means to selflessly care about other people. It’s a funny and heartwarming look… (Oh, wait. My Editor just let me know I am supposed to recap ‘Groundhog Fae’ not ‘Groundhog Day.’ My bad. I feel so embarrassed. Let’s just move on to the disclaimer and pretend that didn’t happen.) As always the following recap is rated TV MA DLSV and may contain suggestive dialogue, strong language, sexual situations, and violence. Intended for mature audiences, reader discretion is advised… or not.

Boobs. Sweet, gratuitous boobs. This week’s episode of ‘Lost Girl’ opens with a nice long scene featuring Bo washing a car as only a Succubus can. It’s implied that there have been several attempts to recover that other Hell Shoe but honestly, the last thing on Lauren and Dyson’s minds at this point is the Helskór. Bo is melting their ice cream! The gang is at a gas station and Bo runs in to pay for some gas. Bo eats a piece of service station Yule candy and the group talks about the holiday and the good times they had growing up hiding from Krampus. The scene ends with Bo flippantly reciting my favorite quote from the episode when admonished for eating the candy left out for Krampus, “Oh bitch, I am the naughty list!” Our heroes pile into their car and head off as two service station employees shove a body into the engine of another car out back. Cue the mildly suggestive ‘Lost Girl’ logo and we are ready to celebrate the holidays.

Trick is wearing a fantastic looking holiday sweater and reading to Kenzi all about Krampus and the whole Summer Christmas festival. Dyson, Lauren, and Hale show up and Kenzi reminds them of the necessity of showing Bo a good time at the Yule party. It’s been a rough few weeks for our favorite Succubus.

Bo wakes up in the backseat of a car all by her lonesome and is a bit annoyed that everyone just left her. Cut to the party. Bo arrives looking for answers and is accosted by a party Fae who wants her to lick his sweat but is mercifully saved by a toga-clad Bruce. Meanwhile, Dyson and Lauren are in a back room with a special box Bo apparently sent to herself when she was on the train and are trying to decide if they should give it to Bo. Ah secrets, they never complicate things. Speaking of, Bo drops in and surprises the scheming duo but Vex soon follows, intoxicated and wearing Bo’s corset. Sufficiently distracted, Bo walks out in search of Kenzi.

Kenzi is upstairs enjoying some alone time with Hale and Bo is feeling a little left out. Everyone seems to be ignoring her. All except some random old man at the snack table who Bo uncharacteristically opens up to.

Hey look over there, Tamsin is back! She makes a dash straight to Bo, tells her how sorry she is, and plants a pretty hearty kiss right on her lips, making fan boys and girls squeal with delight. When Bo asks what that was for Tamsin says it doesn’t matter because she won’t remember any of this in two seconds. Opa! The lights go out and Bo wakes up in the backseat of a car.

Back to the party and Bo is having a pretty strong case of déjà vu. She fumbles around the party and meets up with Tamsin, who is relieved Bo remembers her. Seems Tamsin has been stuck in a loop as well. Nobody remembered when the loop reset, until she kissed Bo. So they experiment with another hot lip-lock. Nothing, although Tamsin might disagree. Swoon. Tamsin suggests maybe the kiss has to be with someone Bo shares a connection with and Bo laments how Dyson and Lauren are acting weird upstairs and Kenzi never even came down to check on her. (Come on Bo, it’s a Yule party not a Pity party.) Opa!

Bo wakes up in the backseat again and is a little agitated. Bruce doesn’t come to her rescue this time so she knocks out the party Fae and tells Tamsin she’s had it with everyone having fun but her. Time to get their Yule on. They drink, arm wrestle Sasquatch, and even have some sexy time with each other right in the middle of the party. Nobody is going to remember right?

Upstairs Dyson, Lauren, and Vex are still trying to figure out if they should tell Bo about the box. They drink and weigh the pros and cons and eventually decide to present their reasons to Vex, who will decide the ultimate fate of Bo’s box. (Hey, I know what you’re thinking… and I didn’t mean that!) Opa!

Backseat reset time. Bo and Tamsin sit this one out and have a pretty good heart to heart. Tamsin talks about finding herself and why she left. The wallpaper seemingly comes alive and snatches a reveler from existence. Now it’s a party. Opa!

Backseat. Party. Missing persons. Bo and Tamsin are spending this loop trying to figure out just what is going on. Upstairs the drinking continues and it’s evident Dyson and Lauren both deeply care about Bo and are worried they will let her down, no matter what they decide to do with the box. The events of this season are weighing on our heroes. No worries, nothing a little drunken surgery won’t fix.

Cut to Trick, piss drunk In a bath tub and no help at all. Bo starts to lay out the problem to a less than coherent Blood King when Opa! Another time loop begins. In fact, it’s time for a little comic relief as we see Hale fumble through several loops looking for the right words to set the mood with Kenzi. Does Hale know he’s in a Loop? Back to the tub. Trick admits he hasn’t helped Bo find The Wanderer because he’s terrified. Opa!

Bo and Tamsin find Hale alone upstairs while Kenzi is off freshening up. Hale does know about the loop and attributes it to Krampus, who every Yule places a few Fae into a time loop to feed off of their regret. Usually it’s harmless fun without man-eating wallpaper. Downstairs Bo confronts a very angry little person. He’s upset the people at this party are not taking the Yule seriously. He goes all chameleon and disappears into the wallpaper, but not before he grabs Tamsin and takes her with him.

Hale and Bo are trying to sort this out, retracing their steps. When pressed by Bo about why he would voluntarily put himself through something like this Hale admits he is having some issues with Kenzi and was just trying to “perfect his game” and was going to tell her about the loop eventually. Opa! Only this time no reset. Krampus has found someone with enough regret to tide him over. Bo is off to the gas station, the only common denominator in all this, to find Krampus and get some answers. Hale gives her a special knife, which I imagine will come in handy sometime after the next commercial break.

Upstairs, Dyson, Lauren, and Vex prepare for drunken surgery to reattach Vex’s hand. (Which honestly is a shame because he was rocking the Merle Dixon look.) Also, it seems Dyson and Lauren don’t hate each other anymore.

Bo arrives at the gas station and follows a trail of Yule candy to a car in the shop. Apparently the people who made it were Time Lords because that engine is much bigger on the inside. Cut to Kenzi and Hale. Hale admits he only wanted to make this night something special. The Casanova of Clan Zamora has evidently not been with someone he actually cared about. The two share a tender moment and it’s all kinda sweet. (I predict horrible things to come because, really, when was the last time you saw a traditional, loving relationship in this show? I don’t think it’s possible.)

Bo is in some sort of twisted Santa’s Workshop where people are strapped to a conveyor and pulverized into candy, which they are alright with that. Tamsin says she’s been naughty and is more than ready to become candy. Bo pleads with her, reminding her she is a good person and her friend. Bo sticks Hale’s knife into the conveyor to stop it and rescues Tamsin. They are confronted by the angry chameleon from the wallpaper. This guy is really getting into the whole Krampus Yule thing, He tells Bo to take Tamsin if she can.

Tamsin back story in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

In a previous life she hunted Fae fugitives for a price. She was the best, she was a Valkyrie, and she was greedy. Then she met The Wanderer and one look into his eyes and she knew true evil. She was terrified and felt she couldn’t refuse but took comfort in the fact that the woman he wanted her to find couldn’t possibly exist. Eyes both brown and blue, virtuous yet lustful, neither dark nor light yet both… sound like anyone we know? The guilt of leading this pure evil to Bo is eating Tamsin alive. Bo says none of that matters and they share a moment before the real Krampus is revealed. Hey, it’s the odd old man from the buffet line! The chameleon is his son, and he’s taking the family business very seriously.

Krampus lets Tamsin and Bruce go, whisking them  to safety with a wave of his finger. He sends junior on his merry way as well. Time for a heart to heart. Krampus tells Bo there is a darkness in her. Enough to make candy for centuries. Guilt, denial, complex emotions make the best candy and Krampus has never made Blue Candy before. A finger wave later and Bo is strapped to the conveyor. Time to confront her fears. She tells Krampus she’s scared. She’s not scared of him, she’s scared of making the wrong choices, of losing her family again. She’s terrified of what she’ll become and what she’s capable of. She’s terrified of The Wanderer and what he’ll make her. A laugh and a double finger twirl later and Bo is transported up to the garage with Tamsin. Bo, still riding the emotional rollercoaster, tells her she’s scared and Tamsin lets her know she doesn’t have to be, she has her. They share a moment. (A lot of nice little character moments in this episode.)

Back home Bo asks Tamsin if The Wanderer could be her father. Tamsin replies with one of the creepiest thoughts of the series so far. She says, “That thing would have done anything to claim his ideal mate, even if it meant creating her himself.” Kenzi comes out and shares a moment with both women. She is happy Bo is OK and that Tamsin is back. We learn Bo and Tamsin can’t enter because it’s after midnight and the Dark cannot come into a house where the Light are celebrating Yule. Kenzi offers to stay outside with Bo but Bo tells her to go have fun and that she needs some alone time anyway. Kenzi innocently gives Bo the infamous box, saying it was on the bed next to a passed out Dyson and it has Bo’s name on it. Bo opens the box and finds a sealed jar with a swirling black cloud inside. Dun dun dunnnnnnnnn! Roll credits.