‘The Vampire Diaries’ has become so much more than a teen vampire-dating show. Starting in season two, the plot has thickened and the lives of the two main vampires hang in the balance. The Lockwood werewolf curse has been introduced which makes things both complicated and dangerous in the lives of Stefan and Damon.

In ‘The Vampire Diaries’, werewolves are the only creatures that can overpower and kill a vampire. Stefan and Damon know this and are wary of being in the presence of any due to their ability to destroy them. In fact, one bite from a werewolf will cause a vampire to die.

The brothers always work together to actively confront any danger so when Mason Lockwood enters town after the death of his brother, they don’t waste any time. Mason, a werewolf himself, sniffs out the vampire boys as they do him. There’s no love lost between them and Damon quickly makes Mason an enemy.

Mason eventually double-crosses Stefan and Damon by trying to retrieve the moonstone for Catherine. This moonstone seems to a powerful item that has the ability to destroy the sun and moon curse. The boys realize what he’s up to and he is tortured by Damon while Jeremy looks on and protests. Before Mason dies he begs Elena’s brother, Jeremy, to do him a personal favor. Mason’s nephew, Tyler Lockwood, must not trigger the werewolf curse and Jeremy’s job is to watch over him and prevent it from happening.

Through an ancient vampire art, Catherine compels Tyler’s friends to get him to trigger the curse. The werewolf curse is brought about when a death occurs at the hands of someone who has werewolf blood. Unfortunately, even with Tyler knowing this, it is not preventable and a friend of Tyler dies at his hand. Compelled to make him angry, he accidentally kills her and the werewolf gene is activated.

When the full moon comes around, Tyler begins his transformation. Before he died Mason left detailed information of the entire transformation process in an underground tomb on Tyler’s property. Tyler and Caroline find a journal and video taken to document its progression. The transformation is brutal and extremely painful for Tyler, and at one point he even breaks through some of the chains that were there to secure him. His vampire friend, Caroline, is forced to leave toward the end when he tries to attack her.

Things just became that much more dangerous for Stefan, Damon and Caroline. With a werewolf on the loose, life for a vampire are that much more dangerous. And with the moonstone being as desired as it is, it’s hard not to wonder if the sun and moon curse will be eventually lifted, freeing Tyler from the Lockwood curse.

Season two of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ continues again on the CW Network on January 27, 2011.