Negan has captured Eugene, who was manufacturing ammunition for Rick’s team and is threatening to torture him as well as torture and kill the others that they captured who were assisting him.  But after he departs, Dwight sneaks in and tells Eugene he’ll help him and the others escape.  I’ve been on the fence about Dwight before and Eugene calls him out, accusing him of playing both sides to see who will emerge victorious before throwing in with that force.  But surprisingly, another of Negan’s lieutenants overhears everything but tells Dwight he wants in on betraying their sadistic leader.

Meanwhile Maggie struggles with having slugged the coward Gregory and by default inheriting leadership of Hilltop.  Rick and Andrea have some alone time as do Ezekiel and Michonne, although she doesn’t realize it.  But Ezekiel may be turning a corner after his disastrous showing when confronted by Negan’s forces.  Heath struggles to deal with the loss of Denise, whose death, quite frankly, is cheapened by the miraculous appearance of a new doctor from Hilltop.  I mean being a doctor was her sole contribution to the group and BOOP replaced just like that.  And there’s a revelation about Jesus that’s… iiiiiiintresting.  I’m looking forward to seeing where that goes.

Negan hatches a new scheme to take Rick and the others out and it looks like his attack will come when they’re least prepared.

Well, there are only four more issues to go before ‘All Out War’ concludes.  That’s still quite a bit of time to fill, so I don’t think Negan’s assault is going to be the culmination of this story just yet.  Where this will lead is anyone guest, but considering how hyped this story is– celebrating the ten year anniversary of the series– expect some major changes.  If I had to speculate– sorry, Andrea I think your days are numbered.  Or Maggie perhaps?  I just don’t see Robert Kirkman killing off Carl, Rick or Michonne. I just don’t see how you do a story of this scope without a major death.  The Prison story climaxed with Lori, Judith and Hershel’s deaths (among others), issue #100 marked the end for Glenn.  One of the big names has to die in this storyline for it to matter.  So it’s got to be Andrea, Maggie or possibly Eugene or Rosita, although they never really progressed much past being Abraham’s sidekicks.

As for the newer characters, Jesus has become a break out new character, possibly the biggest new introduction since Michonne, so I think he’s safe.  Ezekiel… I’m not sure about.  He turns a corner in this issue, but I can’t tell is that means he’s going to move on to bigger and better storylines or if he’s going out in a blaze of glory.  Without Shiva, I don’t particularly care.  Olivia can say goodbye too, but she’s not enough of a presence that her death would even matter.  Oh and of course, Negan HAS to die a painful horrible death, preferably at Maggie’s hands.

Well, what do you think is in store?  Leave a comment below!

As for my rating?  It was another slower issue, but hopefully it’s building toward something huge.



Written by Robert Kirkman
Pencils and Cover by Charlie Adlard