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Legendary Pictures has just reached out to get their lead for the upcoming film ‘Brilliance’ and Will Smith (‘Independence Day‘, ‘Man In Black III‘) is who they want! Talks are under way and it’s sounding like he might just be in for the starring role. The film is going to be directed by Julius Onah (‘The Girl In Trouble’) and work off of a script written by David Keopp (‘Spider-Man’,’Jurassic Park’). It’s based off the novel by Marcus Sakey. The film itself is set in a world where some people are born with extraordinary talents and abilities and they are called “Brilliants”. The story is set around two such Brilliants, one who works for the government that helps track down terrorists and another who wants to start a civil war.

Sounds like a good role for Smith and it’ll be much more serious than his work on ‘Hancock’. Smith has been in many heroic roles in his career, though it’s been very few where he could be counted as an actual superhero in, which seems kind of surprising with his larger than life personality.

Not surprisinglyl, the book this is based off of is the first in a trilogy so I would expect that if the film does well at the box office we’ll be seeing 3-4 films to truly flesh out the story.

Here’s a description of the novel courtesy of Amazon:

In Wyoming, a little girl reads people’s darkest secrets by the way they fold their arms. In New York, a man sensing patterns in the stock market racks up $300 billion. In Chicago, a woman can go invisible by being where no one is looking. They’re called “brilliants,” and since 1980, one percent of people have been born this way. Nick Cooper is among them; a federal agent, Cooper has gifts rendering him exceptional at hunting terrorists. His latest target may be the most dangerous man alive, a brilliant drenched in blood and intent on provoking civil war. But to catch him, Cooper will have to violate everything he believes in—and betray his own kind.

What do you think of ‘Brilliance’? Does the plot sound good and would Will Smith starring in it help convince you to give it a shot?

Source: Geek Tyrant