If you are looking for a jumping in point on the series, I have to hand it to Marvel for really pulling it off with this issue. On top of that I have to admit that Gerry Duggan has an interesting talent of keeping me interested in this book. I was thinking about dropping it but if he keeps this up I’m going to be a loyal reader for quite some time to come.For a few issues there I kept telling myself I’m going to stop picking up issues and every time I do, Duggan throws in something cosmic enough to peak my interest. This time? He’s brought back to the page one of the more interesting characters that get underused – Beta Ray Bill.

The first portion of the comic gives us kind of where Sam is in his life but quickly after we seeing him be attacked by his local bully who quickly is knocked out when Beta Ray Bill arrives! Bill is on the warpath and he’s angry. Angry and wants revenge for many of the people under his guard that were taken as slaves and Nova is involved. How does he figure that? Well Nova helped the slavers fix their ship and escape.

Oops. Those were the shady guys last issue using a dead Nova’s armor to power their ship who were so greatful for Sam’s help. It did seem like they were a bit off.

Nova and Bill have a little fight while they figure out that the whole thing was a misunderstanding and you’ll be smiling the entire time. Not because it’s a superhero on superhero fight but completely because of how it’s written and how beautiful the art is. Once they resolve things Bill explains what Nova was actually responsible for. Now, Sam wants to help. In fact he feels that it’s his responsibility to help. With great power and what not…

Beta agrees to this help and Sam says he needs an hour to set some things in order. We see him go up to the girl he has a thing for who knows that he’s Nova and asks is she can babysit his sister that night. We see his mother approving only because he’s trying to do the right thing, also she mistakes Bill for Thor briefly before he steps out of the shadows.

Up in space,Nova can’t detect the ship but Bill has a plan and they are off onto adventure to find the bandits and save the captured civilians. It’s really a feel good story with a ton of humor being thrown in where not much happens. Is it a bad issue? Not at all! As I mentioned above, it’s a great stepping in point and they clearly lay out where the current story line is going to be heading. Thankfully they are clearly heading back into space as Sam is also joining the ‘New Warriors’. While that worked well for the original Nova, I think right now is the perfect time to have him helping mainstream the galactic view of Marvel.


‘NOVA’ #13
Writer: Gerry Duggan
Artist: Paco Medina