Many enjoyed Christopher Nolan‘s ‘Inception’, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and er… well, the cast of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, the tale of a group of thieves who can enter the dreams of powerful individuals in order to perform mental heists.  The movie revolved around a sort of reverse heist, when they are hired to plant an idea in someone’s mind instead of stealing one.

Yeah, I got a little confused just writing that.  Okay, so maybe this make things a little less heady.  CineFix has summed up the movie in two minutes as an eighties style 8-bit video game.  The action is nicely mimicked and the expository dialogue like “This is not my rug.  We are in a dream,” moves things along much faster than Nolan’s lengthy dream-like film.

Check out the video clip below:

See just as good only shorter, right?  Well, at least it’s entertaining.  What did you think?  Do you prefer the original or the 8-bit version?

Source: THR