This is an exciting tidbit for the Scoobies out there. ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ actor Anthony Head recently indicated in an interview that he is “still game” for a spin-off that would feature his character, Giles.

Back in 2001, Joss Whedon tossed around the idea of a drama focusing on Giles called ‘Ripper’.

“It’s more about what happens to Giles when he’s cut adrift from Buffy and the rest of them,” Head explained. “It’s a beautiful, beautiful ghost story, and it’s extremely haunting, as you would expect of Joss.”

‘Ripper’ was actually in development at the BBC to possibly be a standalone TV movie. However, as is life, things got in the way, namely for Whedon in the form of a small movie known as ‘The Avengers.’

However, Head would totally be down to reprise his role as Giles if there was an opportunity.

“I would do it,” Head stated. “I would do anything to work with Joss again. He’s a wonderful storyteller, a great director, and a lovely man. I would love to, you know? Whether it’s ‘Ripper’ or something else.”

We certainly would love to see Head reunite with Whedon! Maybe we could see a little crossover action with Giles appearing in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’.

Anthony Head is currently stars as Consul David Whele on the series ‘Dominion’, based on the 2010 film ‘Legion’. ‘Dominion’ airs on Syfy on Thursday at 9/8c.

Source: Digital Spy