Valentine’s Day may be over but our love for all things Fae remains. So sit back, relax, and polish off the rest of that heart-shaped diabetic disaster box while we catch up with our one true love. As always the following recap is rated TV MA DLSV and may contain suggestive dialogue, strong language, sexual situations, and violence. Intended for mature audiences, reader discretion is advised… or not.

Our story begins with a Bjork wannabe, Hannibal’s own Lara Jean Chorostecki, singing like an angel in what looks to be a command performance for one. It does not look like Ianka wants to be there, however. She finishes her set with an eye roll and quickly makes for the exit, stage right. She even knocks out a guard on her way out with a simple hum. Looks like we have another singing Fae in town.

Cut to Trick’s bar where Kenzi is reading a note from Tamsin. Apparently she is off to find herself. Bo is lamenting over her missing time and the mysterious circumstance that labeled her as Dark when Ianka stumbles through the door. Of all the gin joints in all the Fae towns in all the world she had to stumble into… oh wait, I get the title now!

The dynamic duo start tending to the newcomer when Ianka recognizes Bo. She’s speaking Russian and Kenzi plays translator. Looks like her and Bo have met before and she is here on Bo’s urging. Queue the mildly suggestive ‘Lost Girl’ logo and we are off!

Trick is downstairs looking forlornly into a box when Bo comes down wanting some answers. Trick lays out the exposition. Ianka is an Alkonost, a very rare and delicate descendant of bird people. She’s resting her vocal chords, oh and her songs can cause people to remember things. That’s right, Ianka wins this week’s prize for the most convenient plot device! Her songs can even take a life. (That last one might be important later. Hope you’re taking notes.)

We cut to Lauren bouncing around her apartment like a teenager in a romcom. Evony shows up with some pizza and beer, which we learned from previous episodes inevitably leads to sexy time. We also find out Lauren has a complete ‘Star Trek’ DVD collection and a set of Khan collectible action figures. (With this Lauren has graduated from an annoying subplot to a FCILF – Fictional Character I’d Like to… um, take out to a nice dinner and get to know better. But I digress.) The Morrigan has brought books!

Dyson is back and at the Dal. Bo tells him she’s Dark and Dyson reminds her that he’s Light and they can’t be together, because it’s forbidden. Sure. It’s sexy time! Almost. Trick casts a coitus interruptus spell on the two when he walks in on them and utters my favorite quote of the week, “You get your brains out of each other’s pants and get out of my barrel room.” Oh, and Ianka’s awake.

Ianka tells Bo she is her hero and how glad she is to have met her. Bo, of course, has no memory. Ianka insists she sang for Bo and promised to come find her at Bo’s insistence. Opera time! Bo’s memories from the train begin to come back but Ianka stops short. It’s a quid pro quo kind of thing. She’ll sing for Bo if Bo helps her gain her freedom. Now we have an episode.

Ianka has been singing exclusively for one man. She wants out of the arrangement. Bo remembers none of it and is told to look in the handle of her knife. She does and finds a hand written note that says simply she will bring Ianka freedom. How very ‘Momento’ of her. Enter Ianka’s owner Damber, a very wealthy and powerful man who wants to keep Ianka’s gifts all to himself. She has been in his family for generations and no one else is worthy of hearing her beautiful songs – especially her famous aria. Bo manipulates his ego and negotiates a public performance at the Dal.

We find Evony and ivory at the apartment. The Morrigan is seducing Lauren with knowledge. They debate the merits of human experimentation and Lauren’s terms for employment with the Dark.

Back to the Dal. Trick wants Kenzi to leave because the Alkonost’s songs might hurt. Kenzi is resolved to stay, a resolve that is only strengthened when Hale enters the room. Unfortunately her smile turns into a frown and the claws come out when Hale gravitates straight to Ianka. He’s a Siren, she’s a genetic off-shoot and famous as all get out and that makes Kenzi a sad human. We also learn from our jaded heroine that singer in Russian means whore. Bo remains obsessed with Bo. The performance begins.

As Ianka sings her aria, Bo flashes back to the train. There is a crown with the name Isabeau engraved on it. We learn that Bo hates crowns as she violently knocks it across the compartment. Bo can almost see the face of Rainer when some guy barges in, holding a detonator, and claiming Ianka is wired to explode. Somebody just crossed the wrong diva.

Marcus has rigged Ianka’s necklace to explode. He really wants her to bolster his army. He and Damber have been feuding for a while now, not understanding that sharing is caring. All the excitement has weakened Ianka and she goes to rest. Trick administers to her and explains that her necklace is made of Atlantean crystal and more than capable of exploding. They need some liquid volcanic argon to freeze the crystals so the necklace can be removed. Easy enough.

Back to the set of ‘Mystic Pizza.’ Evony and Lauren are having a blast of their own when Kenzi walks in. Cut to Ivanka and Hale. They are old friends and reminiscing about the good old days. Back to Lauren who thankfully has some liquid argon in her fridge. Kenzi is not too fond of Lauren’s new friends but lets her know everyone misses her.

At the Dal, ‘Splosion Man continues to threaten Ianka and everyone else. Dyson plays MacGyver and turns Damber’s tracking device into a receiver. He and Bo hear things get out of hand and the detonator being armed. Time for boom boom. Apparently the necklace was a dud. Marcus and Ianka have flown the coup. Bo wants some answers and succutizes Damber. Looks like Marcus and Ianka might be on the same side. Oh, and they conveniently stole Trick’s transmitter. They plan on one last performance, broadcasting with an intent to kill all of Damber’s people. And Hale is missing too. And he might be dead. Stakes just got raised and Bo and Kenzi move with increased urgency.

Bo and Kenzi catch up with the love birds and it is soon revealed that Ianka and Marcus are not on the same page. She wants a white picket fence and a Prius and he wants genocide. Ianka refuses to sing the deathnote and Marcus blows a whistle causing Ianka some serious discomfort. Enter everyone’s favorite Siren, Hale, singing a song of his own and effectively knocking Marcus for a loop. Unfortunately Marcus also has a big-a$$ steam-punk looking gun which he points at Hale. Bo jumps in front of Hale. Ianka jumps in front of Bo. Everyone tries to reason with Marcus. Marcus uses the B word and Ianka does not respond well. She sings all right, but it’s Marcus who goes down. Kenzi too, so Hale takes her away before any real damage is done. Ianka’s performance was her last. An opera with a tragic death scene? Seems appropriate. She gives Bo a parting gift to help her remember and then expires in her arms.

Kenzi wakes up on a bench with Hale. Those two crazy kids finally get their moment. I would be squeeing if Hale didn’t surreptitiously wipe blood from his ear. The deathnote might have done some damage.

Bo is at home. She takes out Ianka’s gift, a recording of her song, and promptly gets lost in her memories of the train. She’s looking in a mirror and becomes distraught, saying she can’t do this, over and over. She wakes up and Dyson rushes to her side. She’s clearly upset.

Back at Lauren’s, the girls are still sharing their traveling pants. Evony gives Lauren the key to the Dark science facility, which is a big deal. She also gives her keys to her new condo. Lauren gives her a big ‘ole kiss on the lips. Is it love blossoming? No, it’s Lauren being all duplicitous. She was wearing a fake lip and going DNA hunting.

Cut to some serious sexy time with Dyson and Bo. Remember how that was forbidden? They don’t. Bo is not making any eye contact and being more aggressive than usual. (I thought Dyson was the Alpha Dog.) Dyson’s pleas for some connection bring Bo out of her sex-fueled aggression. She doesn’t want to be so full of rage. Bo wants to be free. She doesn’t even know herself anymore. She is determined to find out what happened on the train. Oh, and there is a huge mystical handprint on Bo. She has been marked by The Wanderer! Oh, and because ‘Lost Girl’ likes to end with a bang, the Una Mens show up in the bedroom. They want Dyson. He wolfs out and they do the same. Do the Una Mens have the power to mimic Fae abilities? The episode ends with everyone growling at each other.

To be continued…