It seems like after the initial conspiracy the first arc of this series offered, we’re starting to move back to the usual monster of the week format that most fans are so familiar with in ‘The X-Files’. Or, since it’s comics, monster of the month. So, gone is the story about the dessicated corpse of Deep Throat Number Two from last issue, and here is a story about a Chittering God who wants to sacrifice Scully.

The Chittering God, by the way, seems to be a mass of cockroaches. So, if you’ve always felt a little squigged out by bug stories, this might be the monster of the month issue you skip. I’m fairly certain it will have no effect on next issue.

But for those of you who say, “Sweet! Bug story!” then you’re in for a treat, because there are lots of bugs, and they are killers. I think. It’s hard to say. If you like bugs, you probably won’t enjoy that they habitually get crushed underfoot. You, will however enjoy that they kill people.

In any case, there is very little to say about this issue, unless you’re a Scully/Mulder fan, they there is a lot of couply moments and tender love sprinkled throughout the issue. Also, the plot has some interesting twists despite being only twenty or so pages.

All in all, ‘The X-Files Season 10’ #9 was an interesting read, but hardly anything to really write home about.



Story by Joe Harris
Art by Greg Scott