YA novel ‘Nerve’ is headed to the big screen, despite the flopping of ‘Vampire Academy‘ this past weekend. At least this book isn’t about vampires, which no longer seem like the sure-fire pop culture sensation they once were.  This book, by Jeanne Ryan, is about a high school wallflower who steps out of her comfort zone and joins an online “truth or dare” game where she surprisingly becomes a breakout star for voyeurs of the game.  But as her star rises, things get dangerous in real life.

The movie adaptation has been scripted by ‘American Horror Story‘ writer/director Jessica Sharzer for Lionsgate.  It will be produced by Allison Shearmur and the studio has tapped ‘Catfish’ directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman.  ‘Catfish’ was a documentary that caused great buzz at Sundance and led to a spinoff TV show in which clandestine online daters are exposed.  Joost and Schulman have since directed ‘Paranormal Activity 3’ and ‘4’.

No word yet on when ‘Nerve’ will begin filming as the pair are working on a couple of different projects right now.

Are you a fan of this novel?  Are you excited that it is being adapted to a live action movie?  Feel free to comment below!

Source: THR