Larry Gilliard Jr., well-known for playing tragic hero D’Angelo Barksdale in the hit series ‘The Wire’ is “in talks” for joining the survivor gang as a series regular on ‘The Walking Dead’ as Roy Stark, the enigmatic character producers began casting a few months ago. Sources are quick to remind that “in talks” does not always mean set in stone, but it would be quite a treat for him to appear alongside another ‘The Wire’ alum Chad Coleman, who plays Tyreese. But will Roy Stark be fighting alongside Tyreese, or against him?

As mentioned when casting news first broke, there are a few options for who Roy Stark is. Producers behind the casting describe the character as a former army medic haunted by his past, even before the zombie apocalypse. When our crew meets up with him, he is a loner with a “charming/self-deprecating/confident” attitude.

Speculations ran wild with hunches that it might be a codename or changed name for comic-fan-favorite Sgt. Abraham Ford, given the military background. There’s also a very minor character with loner tendencies and army training mentioned in the comics as a Woodbury resident, but he’s so universally disliked, it would be a shame to waste such acting talent as Larry Gilliard Jr. possesses on such a minor role.

Another clue to Roy Stark actually being Abraham is the confirmation by actor Lew Temple that pseudonyms are often used in casting, likely to avoid fan intervention on shooting days, if an actor call sheet should be accidentally released.

Finally, there’s always the chance that Roy Stark could be a completely new character, since the show is known to deviate from comic lore just enough to keep it interesting for fans who have read up to the series is now in the comics.

Whoever he is — ‘Game of Thrones’ or ‘Iron Man’ crossover potentials notwithstanding — if the rumors are true and Larry Gilliard Jr. lands the part, audiences of the fourth season are truly in for a treat. Anyone who’s seen the first two seasons of ‘The Wire’ have probably shed a tear or two over his storyline.

‘The Walking Dead’ is set to return for a fourth season this fall.