Since the ball has started rolling on Edgar Wright’s ‘Ant-Man’, the director has been teasing fans on with his blog, Edgar Wright Here. Previously, he teased the notion of Scott Lang appearing in the film alongside Hank Pym by posting a screenshot from an episode of ‘Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ where Lang borrows Pym’s Ant-Man gear to save his sick daughter. Of course, shortly after that, Michael Douglas was cast as Hank Pym and Paul Rudd was confirmed as Scott Lang in the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of the story. Now, Wright could be teasing a little something else on his blog.

The latest post on the blog belonging to the director of such fan favorites as ‘Shaun of the Dead’, ‘Hot Fuzz’, ‘The World’s End’, and ‘Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World’ features two figurines of different sizes that resemble the classic Hank Pym version of Ant-Man. The figures even look like older gentlemen. Check out the picture below comparing Wright’s post with Pym’s vintage attire:

See that? The only thing missing is the helmet, which was likely left out due to lack of materials. Chances are that these miniatures are being used for shot framing as the production trucks on through their pre-production phase. But what might this mean to us? Judging by the older figures used as the models, that means that we might see Pym using the size-shifting powers of his Pym Particles at some point in the movie. Even though Rudd’s version of the hero might be the one that ends up fighting with Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor on The Avengers, it’s no surprise that Pym might get to see some action as well. After all, he’ll need to test his technology out somehow, right? He probably won’t see too many battles considering how much older they’re making the character as opposed to the comic book, but it will be cool to see Pym kick some ass in the film.

What do you think about Edgar Wright’s latest blog post? What do you think that he’s teasing about ‘Ant-Man’? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments.

‘Ant-Man’ starring Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd hits theaters on July 17, 2015.