I know many of you are excited about getting to the ‘Pottermore’ Challenge and the refresh page on the site is not helping. To help you along, here is some up to the minute information straight from the official ‘Pottermore’ blog, ‘Pottermore Insider’ about what to expect.

In order to be one of the first million to enter the site, you must find The Magical Quill. Every day for seven days (starting tomorrow July 31 through August 6) there will be a clue on the ‘Pottermore’ home page to help you. Each new clue will relate to a different book in the Hary Potter series. So tomorrow (day 1) the clue will relate to ‘Harry Potter and the Pilosopher’s Stone’. Day 2, the clue will relate to ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’ and so on.  According to the site, the clues will vary in difficulty with the first 3 days being more difficult than the last 4 days.

To complete the challenge, you need to solve the clue and insert the answer to the end of this web address: http//quill.pottermore.com/(INSERT YOUR ANSWER HERE). If correct, this link will lead you to a website where The Magical Quill is located. The location of the Quill will change every day. That means your answer at the end of the link will be different every day. So, for example, if the clue asks you, “how many books are in the Harry Potter series? Mulitply that answer by 10” If you answer  70, add this number to the end of the website address (so you would type in  http://quill.pottermore.com/70. If you are correct, you will be directed to the site where The Magical Quill is located.

Once you find The Magical Quill, you will then be directed to Pottermore.com where you will be able to finish your registration. Each day there will be a limited number of early access openings available, so if you don’t get in the first day, you have the rest of the days to try.

Now the bad news:  The ‘Pottermore’ site will not let you know when the clue goes live so you will need to be vigilant about when a clue is released. They will, however, let you know (via their site and their blog) when the registration for a particular clue has ended. (At least you’ll know so you won’t spend the time looking for a clue that won’t help you gain entry)

Lastly, once The Magical Quill Challenge is over, those who were able to find the Quill will be sent a Welcome e-mail to let them know when they can access the beta version of ‘Pottermore’.  Not everyone will have access at the same time, but don’t worry; if you are one of the million who found the Quill, you will definitely get a Welcome letter.

For those who you who don’t find The Magical Quill, open registration will be in the early part of October. Good luck to all and make sure you come back here often for all the up to minute information about ‘Pottermore’!