We already know that Marvel hired Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle to pen the script for ‘Thor 3′ and now it sounds like we might be finding out what it’s about as well!

According to “sources” the ‘Age of Ultron’ will be setting things up to put all of our favorite heroes in a bad place. Ultron generally does that to people but specifically in the case of Thor, we’re going to see a situation where Midgard and Asgard will be finding themselves at war with one another. With Loki in disguise as Odin and wanting revenge on both his realm and ours, could he be responsible for putting the two realms at each other’s throats? Will Thor be set to fight against Midgard in order to save his own people?

If the sources are true, one has to ask how the writers will tie this plot into the Ragnarok storyline that is found in the Marvel Universe. That arc had everything to do with the Asgardian Gods killing one another until none are left and then were all revived with fresh memories. A group of beings older and greater than the Gods are responsible for this having repeatedly been feeding off the Gods’ deaths. Thor finds out and finds a way to break the cycle. In order to do this, he had to recruit one of his greatest enemies, Surtur, to join him in order to prevent this from happening once again.

That sounds like it has little to do with Thor being set against Earth because, let’s face it, ‘The Avengers’ would be called right in if the two realms ended up going to war with one another. While on face value the source sounds like it could have an interesting plot, but when you start breaking it down I’m not sure that I really think we’ll be seeing on screen what was described. Of course this is all rumor at this point.

What do you think of a ‘Ranarok’ story being introduced in the third ‘Thor’ film? Do you think it would at all take place on Earth or primarily take place in Asgard and have more of a focus on Loki as Odin? Share your thoughts below!

Source: HitFix.