Shortly after the New Year, Marvel announced a grand wedding coming to the pages of their comic books in 2014. Then, it was revealed that it would in fact be Deadpool who would be tying the knot in a different sort of Red Wedding. Not exactly the joyous occasion that we were expecting, but it will certainly be an interesting turn of events. Now, after much speculation, we finally know who the bride will be.

In an interview with Comic Book Resources, ‘Deadpool’ writer Gerry Duggan revealed the identity of the heavily veiled bride to be prior to the April ceremony. He also managed to spoil a good bit of what’s to come in the Merc with a Mouth’s ongoing title and the Infinite Comic ‘Deadpool: The Gauntlet’, so if you don’t wish to know the outcome of either of those two series, I suggest you turn back now because of SPOILERS.

For those of you still here, the future Mrs. Wade Wilson makes her first appearance at the end of ‘Deadpool: The Gauntlet’ #3. While the motor-mouthed marauder is in the midst of a mauling from the Minotaur (as in the Greek myth) thanks to a mission from Dracula (Yes, the vampire. Try to stay with me.), Deadpool’s precious cargo was knocked over and a woman by the name of Shiklah, Queen of the Undead, spilled out. This is the woman that our hero is going to marry.

There’s a lot of mystery surrounding this character like what she wants and how she comes to be Mrs. Deadpool, but Duggan shares a few details about Shiklah in the interview:

“She’s a classic succubus; the monsters that would fly in windows and drain men of their vitality and so forth. We put a couple of twists on her and Reilly Brown did a really wonderful job with a couple of different drawings. I don’t want to spoil a surprise, but there is more to her than meets the eye. You’ll see a different side to her as the story progresses. She comes from a long line of monsters. She’s monster royalty and she was hidden away for a long time and forgotten about. The reasons for that will be revealed.”

As with most star-crossed love stories, there is some sort of complication. In this case, it’s that Shiklah is meant to marry Dracula. Naturally, the undead monarch might take offense to this treachery:

“Dracula might be angrier than any Deadpool villain ever before. Dracula deploys all of his forces, and he has some non-traditional forces as well. Then there are some other interested parties. Any fight like this might draw some other spectators. That happens and I think the fun thing is that there are some other cards that Deadpool can play. He’s got the same rolodex and I think long time Deadpool fans will be very happy to see who turns up.”

One of those contacts in Wade’s phonebook is apparently Blade, as he too will be popping up in the pages of ‘Deadpool’ to lend his vampire slaying expertise to the situation. Surely, Deadpool would have preferred Buffy, but I’m certain that his new wife might find something wrong with that.

There are a whole lot of twists and turns ahead for Deadpool thanks to Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn before he walks down the aisle in April. But until the wedding bells start ringing, what do you think of the bride, Shiklah, Queen of the Undead? Do you think that this is a match made in… well, not heaven, but wherever Deadpool goes when he dies? Share your thoughts in the comments below.