Last year we heard ‘Assassin’s Creed‘ was being fast tracked with Michael Fassbender (‘X-Men: First Class‘,’Prometheus‘) set to both produce and star as the lead of the film. It’s been pretty quiet on the production front since that happened and even though we’re talking about a film about stealthy assassins, it would have been nice to hear something by now, such as who would direct the movie. Well it looks like those of us hoping to see it come to the big screen can get our hopes up as it looks as if Daniel Espinosa (‘Safe House’, ‘Easy Money’) is being tapped to helm!

With ‘Assassin’s Creed’ being entrenched heavily in history and epic scenery, this has to be a film that can cover not just what could be viewed as ‘simply an assassin’ but that of a man and a heavy focus on a culture. Of course a lot of this will depend on which game they base it off of as there is a lot of cultures that could be selected from Italy to the Middle East. Not only that, but the game, while fiction, is steeped with historical accuracy. The weapons that are used mirror those of the time period. Also, many of the major targets that you have to go after are actual political figures from the time period that were murdered or mysteriously disappeared.

While Espinosa may not have a lot of US films under his belt, his style impressed Martin Scorsese so much that he was willing to attach his name to the director’s film ‘Snabba Cash’ (aka ‘Easy Money’) when the Weinstein Company released it.

Is Espinosa the right director for the job? We’ll soon find out as production is lasted to begin soon for it’s April 7, 2015 release date. In the meantime, keep checking back here at as we’ll let you know once the studios make a decision.

Source: Cinema Blend.