The public has had the opportunity to check out posters and trailers for Tony Stark’s next adventure, but there are those out there who have gotten a bit more than that. Right before the first real look at ‘Iron Man 3’ during the Super Bowl back in February, Disney invited a number of journalists to view some scenes from the film in anticipation for their interviews during the press day, and rather than a sizzle reel of footage, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige just went ahead and showed off 15 minutes of the movie. /Film’s Germain Lussier and Collider’s Steve “Frosty” Weintraub were among those invited to view the footage before anyone else and the two of them decided to share their thoughts by providing a spoiler-free video recap.

In the following video, the two talk about the scene that they viewed, which was the destruction of Tony Stark’s Malibu mansion that we’ve caught glimpses of in the trailers. According to Lussier, this short excerpt shows that no one should be worried about Shane Black’s take on the material because he has a firm grasp on the action and the characters. Weintraub adds the following about the footage in his article:

“The biggest takeaway from the awesome footage is that ‘Iron Man 3’ feels like the natural sequel to both ‘Iron Man 2’ and ‘The Avengers’. It also looks like they figured out a brilliant way to explain why Tony Stark would want to be left alone and not call his Avenger friends when he gets into trouble. Finally, with ‘Iron Man 3’ being the start of Marvel’s Phase 2, I also think the studio has figured out a really smart way to introduce Iron Man pushing the boundaries of what is scientifically possible and fans are going to be very excited by what they see.”

To learn more about the scene in a nice, spoiler-free package, press play on the video below. And if you’re looking for a spoilery version, I’ll include a bit of that after the video.

Now, /Film has all the SPOILERS for this scene over in their report, so if you were wondering what are the events that lead to the destruction of Stark’s home, I’ll share with you a little bit. Apparently, The Mandarin attacked Tony’s trusted driver Happy Hogan and, in response, Stark sends a message to the villain via the press outside of the hospital. Tony gives out his address and basically says to bring it. That’s when the clip starts.

During the attack, not only does Tony suit up, but so does Pepper Potts. However, at some point in all the madness, Tony’s suit malfunctions, goes into autopilot, and sends him to Tennessee where he meets a young boy who likes the Iron Patriot more than Iron Man.

After hearing their report on this footage, I have two immediate feelings. The first is jealousy that we press out here on the east coast don’t get special previews like that, but then I felt nothing but excitement for the film’s premiere in May. What do you think about the description of the footage? Are you looking forward to seeing the real thing? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

‘Iron Man 3’ starring Robert Downey Jr., Ben Kingsley, Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Rebecca Hall, and Guy Pearce opens on May 3, 2013.