Just in time for the character’s 80th anniversary, Dynamite is giving Flash Gordon a new solo comic book series.  Dynamite has established itself as the haven of fan favorite properties of the past that no longer have an outlet, publishing comics based on ‘Xena’, ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’, ‘The Bionic Woman’, ‘Captain Action’, ‘The Green Hornet’ and various heroes of the Golden Age that are now in public domain.

Flash Gordon originated as a newspaper comic strip in 1934, from King’s Feature Syndicate.  The strip focused on an American football player who rockets into space with a scientist named Hans Zarkov and the beautiful Dale Arden.  The trio crash lands on the planet Mongo, ruled by the wicked Ming the Merciless.  There, the characters embark on various adventures bringing them into contact with all sorts of colorful creatures and exotic cultures.  Flash Gordon was so popular that he was given his own radio drama and movie serials.  The character has endured the decades starring in the classic campy Dino DeLaurentis movie in 1980 and many animated series and most recently a live action TV series in 2007.

The ordinary human in an alien world helped inspire the very concept of modern superheroes.  He currently co-stars in ‘Kings Watch’ along with fellow newspaper strip characters Mandrake the Magician and The Phantom.  (These heroes worked together previously in the 80s animated series ‘Defenders of the Earth’.)  But now the rocket-packed hero is getting his own series.

The new series spins out of ‘Kings Watch’ and is written by the same writer, Jeff Parker, and will be drawn by Evan “Doc” Shaner with colors from Jordie Bellaire.  Regarding the new series, Parker expressed, ”We’re bringing Flash back for a new audience.  It’s over-the-planet high action and adventure where Flash’s spirit and optimism are as powerful as anything the forces of Ming the Merciless can dish out.”

Dynamite has been scoring with these modern takes on classic characters.  With as big a name as Flash Gordon, they should have no problem garnering another.

What do you think?  Are you excited to see a new spin on Flash Gordon?

Source THR