Previously, we have seen Dexter struggle with faith and its concepts. Last week Dexter tracked down Travis, who ratted out Professor Gellar in reaction to save his own life. We saw Travis struggle with the deaths of the people and unable to capture a new victim. We saw Deb break down and talk to a therapist, which led her to find a new place to live, a place to call her own. At the end of the episode Brother Sam is gunned down in his garage.

This week, the theme is “free will”. During the beginning narration Dexter talks about how we all choose our own path, which is sometimes clear, and other times filled with twists and turns. As he is talking about this, he is trailing Travis and Professor Gellar in an open market.  The choices we make define who we are. Before he can get to Travis and the Professor, Deb calls. She tells Dexter of Brother Sam’s shooting, and Dexter races to his garage. Deb tries to get him to go home, and not worry about the crime scene, but Dexter tells her this is the way he could feel useful.

He goes over the crime scene quickly, causing Masuka’s new intern to call him a superstar, and making Masuka a little jealous at the same time. His inner monologue says that he believes it to be one of Julio’s gang, and probably his number two, whom Dexter had encountered with Sam in a previous episode. Dexter says he wants to call Jamie about Harrison, and ducks into the back room. He finds the bat he had hit the second in command with, and finds blood. He scrapes it off and puts it back quickly, and takes it to the lab for analysis. While he’s doing that, Mike finds information about locals gunning for Sam, and Deb tells him to investigate it further.

Back in the office, Deb is starting to feel isolated from the people she used to work with and LaGuerta continues to ride her about paperwork, meetings and the Doomsday killer. Dexter finds out that the second in commands name is Leo Hernandez, and begins the footwork to find him, starting at Brother Sam’s candlelight vigil. After a little convincing, Nick tells Dexter Leo’s information and where to find him.

Meanwhile, Travis and the Professor buy a cloth to wrap around the “whore”, and they argue about being the Chosen Ones. Travis continues to struggle with the morality of killing for God and Professor says that he is slacking, that he’s weak, but he needs to do this. The Professor tells him he needs to brand the girl. Travis is next seen building the brand, while hearing the girl cry in the next room.

Later, we see Travis draining his blood into a jar, which he puts into a refrigerator that has more jars of blood lined up. He brings the girl bread and water, and she begs him to be let go, if anything for her son. In his battle of morality, Travis goes and visits his sister, who is teaching art class. She convinces him to stay, and the kids tell him what they want to be when they grow up. That night, Travis and the Professor prep for the next sacrifice, and after shedding a few tears, Travis goes to brand the “Whore of Babylon”. She cries, begging him to let her go. Travis, keeping her blindfolded, puts her in his car, drives her to the middle of nowhere, and lets her go. He drives away, leaving her stranded but free.

Quinn and Angel are going through the box from Clarissa when they come across an article with her naked as the main picture. It turns out Clarissa could be a key witness, and Quinn slept with her. Quinn convinces Angel to not tell Deb about it and she is brought in for further questioning.

After an explosive argument between Angel and Clarissa, and Quinn being pushed into the questioning, it comes out that he slept with her. Deb is more angry that he slept with a key witness and when he claims that she’s jealous, she tells him that she doesn’t care who he sleeps with as long as its not her investigation.

That night, Quinn shows up to Deb’s housewarming party with a girl on his arm, drunk as ever. He makes a scene, including hitting on Angel’s sister Jamie, until Deb calls him a cab. He asks Deb if she ever loved him, and when she doesn’t respond, he says “That’s what I thought.” Deb calls the therapist that night.

Dexter trails Leo, but before he can go in for the kill, Mike has solved things and there is a shootout with him. Upon further investigation into the security tapes found in Leo’s home, Dexter notices Brother Sam’s dog isn’t barking, which only holds true for Sam and Nick. Dexter realizes that Nick must have been the one to shoot Sam, and goes in for investigation.

He breaks into Nick’s house, pulling the bullet out of the wall that he had shot at Sam earlier. It matches the 9mm found inside of Sam, and Dexter decides that revenge is needed.

Before he can get Nick, he is called to the hospital because Sam has woken up and has asked to speak with him. Dexter thinks of it as a good sign, but one of the workers tells him that sometimes coma patients wake up to die, and the doctor doesn’t have high hopes. Sam tells Dexter to forgive Nick. His dying wish is that he wants Dexter to forgive Nick, to let the hate go or it will eat him up inside and he needs to let his darkness go. Dexter talks to Harry about it, not really understanding what he’s feeling towards Sam because he didn’t think he cared that much. Harry convinces him that he does care, he cares a lot about Sam and that he needs to accept that.

That night, Brother Sam dies, and Dexter doesn’t know if he will honor Sam’s dying wish. Before he can make a decision, he runs into Nick. He tells Nick that he knows what he did and says he should turn himself in. Nick wants to know how, and he said that Sam told him. Thinking Sam was awake, Nick thinks he can go talk to him and apologize. Dexter informs him that he is dead, and his dying wish was to tell Nick that Sam forgives him. Nick starts laughing, thinking he got away with murder, which Dexter questions. Nick says that Sam was full of it, that his life was still crap even though he did all the religious things. He continues laughing, which infuriates Dexter, and he drowns him. When Dexter turns around, his brother Brian (also known as the Ice Truck Killer) stands on the beach and claps for him.

Was anyone else surprised by the return of Brian? If more of Dexter’s ghosts haunt him, will we see the return of Rita? I really enjoyed Brian’s role in Dexter’s life (also Season One is the one that made me a Dexter fan for life I think. If not that then the Trinity Killer in Season 4.) I think the death of Brother Sam will be a bigger role than what we realize in Dexter’s life, especially if he continues to see the ghosts of others that aren’t Harry.

If the ghosts are put into the show, who do you want to see reappear? Would you like to see Lila, or Trinity, or even Lundy? How do you feel about Brother Sam’s death?

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