While the last issue dipped into the events of ‘Inhumanity’, this issue has a sole focus: The mutant criminal, messiah, terrorist, and redeamed one known as Magneto. It’s an all out focus on the Master of Magnetism as well as some of the disciples he has raised over the years. This is one of the most solid issues of the series to date and sadly its main focus is departing the book after this issue.

Why? This is not a spoiler to anyone who following previews, but Magneto is getting his own series. It won’t be written by Bendis so we’ll see if it can live up to the high standards in this issue. Speaking of high standards here’s how things play out.

The issue opens with ‘Dazzler’ pointing Magneto towards Madripoor. She also takes a moment to suggest that maybe his powers weren’t fully weakened by just the Phoenix but also perhaps by the loss of Charles weighing so heavily on him. This isn’t explored here though I suspect it’s a topic we’ll see again. After the meeting, he heads to investigate and it very much feels like a setup out of a spy film and Magneto plays the part perfectly. Only he doesn’t realize that he was the one being played. All of this was just a setup to bring Magneto aboard and offer him a seat at the table. What we are shown npw is what Mystique has been up to in all of the X-Titles as of late. She’s been forming a new brotherhood that also includes Blob, Sabertooth, and the Silver Samurai. While doing all of this, she practically has S.H.I.E.L.D. doing her bidding as the mutant relations specialist as they have no idea that the real Dazzler is down for the count. Well played, Mystique, well played!

It’s a spiritual moment that, even though he’s been with the X-Men, his old followers all feel that as he’s offered them a seat in the past and that they should do the same for him. They truly believe that his vision was the one to follow only they didn’t realize that he had truly given up on it. Of course, what we didn’t know is that he had also given up on what Scott has been doing with the X-Men. He politely tells them all no by inflicting them with bullets (who I’m sure no one was killed by) and collapsing the building from under them. Looks like he’s still got a few tricks up his sleeve.

I truly believe the upcoming series will be of Eric finding himself once again. Finding the power to be a force of authority in the world and doing what he believes is right. The question is what will he believe? Is this the first reintroduction as Magneto as a terrorist? Or will his new goals be for a higher cause?

What I can tell you is that it looks as if Magneto has ended his stint on the X-Men and will be doing his own thing in his own title in the near future. I’m really curious to see how that’s going to play out and hope it lives up to the man we’ve seen in this issue.


Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Chris Bachalo