Bounty hunting is a fine family tradition to pass down. The Fetts do it after all; it must be okay. ‘Star Wars: Blood Ties’ explores the relationship between Jango and Boba Fett. Besides being father and son (sort of), they are an elite team. The collected issues switch between perspectives from Jango and Boba at different points in time. For example, adult Boba is in a situation that should terrify him. He flashes back to a training session with his father that explains why he isn’t afraid of anything. Then we see a mission that goes awry from Jango’s perspective. The back and forth is seamless rather than confusing.I really feel like this book conveyed the ties between Jango and Boba in the way that Episode II (Attack of the Clones) didn’t get to explore. Author Tom Taylor shows us that Jango can have moments of compassion, however tiny. Readers can take those moments and expand them to see why a seemingly heartless mercenary wanted a son. The art by Chris Scalf is photorealistic, and it’s ideal for this story. I don’t believe it would have been as believable if the characters would have been drawn in a cartoon style. Blood Ties shouldn’t be missed.