The remake of Paul Verhoeven’s 80s classic ‘Robocop’ hits theaters on February 12th.  Though the film features an all-star cast including Samuel L. Jackson, Gary Oldman,  Michael Keaton and Jackie Earl Haley, the original movie has a devoted fanbase and many are skeptical that the new take will live up to the first.

Perhaps in an effort to convince fans that this new take will deliver the goods, MGM and Columbia have released this new clip from the film.  It showcases Alex Murphy/RoboCop (played by Joel Kinnaman) during a training session, taking on fellow cop, Mattix (Haley) and dozens of training drones.  Watch as RoboCop takes out bot after bot below:

What do you think?  Did you enjoy the clip?  I thought it was pretty good!  I have to admit, I’m still wary but I’m going to wait and see with this one.

Sound off below in the comments with your thoughts about the ‘Robocop’ remake.

Source: Blastr