Last time we met our ‘Being Human’ curious quartet, Nora was waking up after a werewolf night to find her newlywed hubby was still mulling around on all fours, Sally was dragged kicking and screaming into hell (or something of that sort) by the dead Donna and Aidan cast out his deformed child Kenny. That’s not to mention catching a glimpse of a woman that looked curiously like his long dead wife Susanna.

So three months later, things have to be better, right?…

Yeah, not so much.

Aidan’s out for a little midday jog…with his werewolf best friend on his tail

As it stands, Aidan and Nora are stationed out in an RV in the middle of nowhere, the former being run ragged by the still wolfy Josh as the duo are clinging to the hope they’ll be able to find a way to release him from his wolf and return him back to the Josh we all know and love. In regards to Sally, that hell she was so frightened of looks to me like a day spa and, after Donna throwing some knowledge down on her, Sally realizes everything before her has been created by her, despite Sally’s denial. “You just don’t want to think about where we are,” Donna mutters as the calm waters of the spa darken to a viscous blood.

And remember what I said about Josh being full wolf? Well, that’s not entirely accurate. The music changes and a demurely dressed Nora returns to the pen they locked her husband in earlier to find a scruffy bearded Josh waiting for her. “How long do we have?” he asks her and she tells him 30 minutes. They make the most of it, making love, connecting with their bodies and minds with the small time they have before she turns for the night. As Nora leaves to change and Josh laments on the burden he must be to his family, Donna fills Sally in on their current predicament. It’s about abuse of power, something it’s taken the centuries old witch nearly a lifetime to realize. Though she may be sorry for some of her ghostly actions, Sally doesn’t understand just how what she’s done threatens the balance of the world—a world Donna is trying to save and the only way to truly do it is to keep herself and Sally down in this “holding cell” until she finds a way to destroy them both.

Remaining on the topic of death, Josh is tired of the sacrifices his condition has forced Sally and Josh to make. He pulls the silver knife from the bag and though he wants to end it, the vampire knows he won’t. He reminds Josh that Nora’s one saving grace is the hope of getting her husband. Though Josh understands it, he openly wonders if there will be a time when he’s too far gone and Aidan has to make the choice, to “do what you have to do”.  Aidan asks Josh if he’s shared these feelings with Nora but he doesn’t want to burden her even further, especially when they have such a short amount of time together. When Aidan casually dismisses Kat’s several messages, Josh turns his focus to his best friend, expressing that he has time to “salvage this”. To break the ice a bit, he adds that Aidan’s high maintenance is something he doesn’t “have the energy to put up with…” It’s a comfortable return to the status quo and, while albeit temporary, a necessary distraction. Josh gives Aidan his blessing and shoos him towards Kat.

Sally and Donna continue their conversations and the forever ghost deduces that, due to the connection she and Donna share along with the fact the elder witch pulled Sally down through her brownstone death spot, she should be able to escape through Donna’s death spot. And after some a one-on-one witchy battle, Sally does escape, though not before experiencing what was most likely the Puritan village that celebrated her hanging. And though cute, we’ll skip Sally’s celebratory jig in the Shopmart parking lot. While she does her thing, Aidan and Kat are enjoying a bit of time together at the faculty mixer when Aidan catches a glimpse of Susanna. He walks outside to search for her, though the ache he still feels reminds him about her final days. Unbeknownst to him, Susanna’s inside and makes it her business to chat up Kat. Ms. Pretty eyes is very sociable and doesn’t think anything of this ‘Dianna’s’ questions. Kat invites her out to meet Aidan but she leaves before he can see her.

While Aidan is alone with his thoughts, Josh spends his physical alone time going through the life Nora and Aidan have lived in the trailer. As he longingly stares at his wedding picture just as Nora’s howl pierces the air, the scene transitions to Aidan and Kat making love until Susanna takes her place and gives Aidan her blessing. Of course, it’s not more than a dream, interrupted by the just arrived Sally.

Sally spends some time explaining to Aidan her last few months and the impetus behind her disappearance. Aidan gives some credence to Donna’s position, something that catches Sally off guard. He gives up and then allows himself to relish in the fact that his ghostly bud is back.

Sally’s back, though that may not be a good thing for the world

She asks to see Josh and as the two make their way to the camp, Josh and Nora share a few minutes together. “I wish we had more time,” Nora laments, and adds how she doesn’t “want to say goodbye anymore.” Josh pulls away and promises her they will figure things out. She leaves the barn and Josh starts to lock himself in but changes his mind at the last minute. After greeting Sally, Nora leads her and Aidan back to Josh’s pen but he’s no longer there. They scour the woods and end up confronting their favorite werewolf at a bridge. Aidan realizes this is Josh’s way of committing suicide. Aidan refuses to draw the knife and when Josh starts to pounce, Sally’s demonstrative shout and surrounding the wolf with a ring of fire gives them enough time to tranq him. They turn around to ask Sally what she did but the witchy ghost is gone. She turns up in another part of the forest with no idea how she got there.

Nora sits outside the pen with her tranqed out hubby and asks him if he wants to die. Unable to answer, Josh can only offer her a doped up and pitiful look. Finally at the hospital, Aidan runs into Blake, the red head vampire he gave the answer for the vampire flu cure. She mentions the new Boston regime and the scene is a reminder of Aidan’s wish to be apart from his brethren. He dismisses her and holds onto the body she was taking to transform into a bloodsucking soldier with fangs. Later that night, we’re treated to quite a surprise when Blake talks with Kenny. The new vampire shows none of the earlier deformities from last season and, the biggest of all kickers, he’s running Boston.

Wandering around the woods, Sally comes across a strange doorway. She follows it and leads her to a house where several witches chant “The blood of the child revives us” around the bed where a young girl is tied up. Sally watches helplessly as they sacrifice the young girl for their no doubt nefarious purposes.

Aidan finally gets some rack time with Kat and they finish up with a pulse-pounding lovemaking session, after which the unbidden “I love you” slips from her lips. But Kat’s not some doting girl and, while some of it is no doubt an act, she tells Aidan on when she truly went from “falling” to “fallen” and assures him that he doesn’t have to respond. Already shaken by Kat’s declaration, Aidan opens to the door to the last person he expected…

His long dead Susanna…

Human is as Human Does

  • So many places to begin but we’ll still with the main points. First on the list, Sally. Not only does she have some serious power hiding out in her ghostly form, breaking free from her Donna-induced prison could very well mean some bad things are in store for her and those around her. “Those around her” could even mean the world. All in a day’s work…
  • On the Aidan front, not only does he have to worry about his best friend’s unusual and unexplained predicament, working double shifts at the hospital but now there’s the out of this world triangle with Kat with the Pretty Eyes, who slips and declares her love for him, and then Susanna…his one true love, thought to be dead for centuries. The love triangle itself is enough to add some juiciness to the tale but we also have to wonder what happened to Susanna and why she’s alive and kicking. My guess is that it has something to do with Aidan’s former sire, Bishop.
  • Nora and Josh, star-crossed lovers. They’ve been distanced by Josh’s secret then Nora’s immersion into her darker wolf side and now? Well, now, they’re ships in the night, that couple working opposite shifts. But there’s no vacation or sick time for them to use to be together. Nothing but 30 minutes or so of twilight, after he returns to his human form and just before she wolfs out for the night. What does it mean for them and, furthermore, the werewolf mythology?
  • Kenny’s running the town with Aunt Blake as his secretary? What powered his rise as Boston’s new king and why the hell is Blake afraid of him?

We are in for another great season of ‘Being Human’ and last night’s season premiere episode was only the beginning!