If Loki has done anything recently in the Marvel Universe, it’s been to trick everyone out there to like him. Even if you hadn’t been sold on him before he’s proven, ever since Comic-con in the guise of Tom Hiddleston (‘The Avengers’,’Thor 2: The Dark World’) that the world is not only ready for more Loki but that it needs more Loki!

Marvel is planning to deliver just that too with the new comic series ‘Loki: Agent of Asgard’ with a newly revamped Loki who is about the age and slightly more the look of Tim Hiddleston himself. Amazing how that works out.

Not only is he going to be showing up in style for the first issue where he acts as the All-Mothers’ spy and secret agent, but he does so by apparently stabbing Thor (my guess is with his newly recovered sword which he went around gathering the pieces of in last week’s ‘All-New Marvel Now! Point One #1).

First up is the cover and the 2 variant versions. The actual cover, displayed first, is by Jenny Frison, the second (and my favorite of the three) is by Frank Cho, and the final is by Mike Del Mundo!

Now let’s take a look at the preview art from the first issue, shall we? Here’s where we will see him interact with ‘The Avengera and most importantly in the last panel, his brother.

I know this could easily be taken as a cash grab by Marvel to play off of Loki’s success in the films, but they’ve been evolving the character between ‘Journey Into Mystery’ and ‘Young Avengers’ for a couple of years now and it really is the perfect time to introduce his own title. Hopefully they continue to evolve him in a way fitting to what’s been done so far!

Are you excited for Loki’s solo book? Share your thoughts on where you’d want the story to go True Believers!