Later this year Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie will launch’The Wicked & The Divine’ on Image Comics!  I wasn’t overly familiar with Kieron Gillen and Jamie Mckelvie until recently, but once I discovered the work that they did on the current run of ‘Young Avengers‘, I was an instant fan. They brought characters that I (mostly aside from Loki) had little interest in to life on the page. Well written, well illustrated, and sadly already over. Thankfully, this duo is already hard at work (with quite an interesting take, I may add) on their next project about Gods and humanity.

In ‘The Wicked & The Divine’, Gods have lived for an eternity and are constantly being reincarnated in human bodies for two years at a time performing miracles and presumably monstrosities. According to Gillen, “We wanted to do something new” and concerning the reincarnations “This has gone on forever. These people speak in tongues, they perform secretive miracles. They are loved, they are hated, they are brilliant. And in two years, they are dead.” With the hated portion thrown in there that could speak of jealousy, or the fact that not every God coming back to life is necessarily a good one.

When McKelvie was talking about the project he stated that “I’m really excited for pushing the boundaries of what we’ve done so far, We pushed a lot of boundaries in Young Avengers, and that feels like just the start.”

The two will co-create the first and third of the planned story arcs for the series while Gillen will handle the second one by himself.

Without their work on ‘Young Avengers’ to keep me glued to the pages each month, I’m glad the pair will soon have this new series for us to dive into.

What do you think about the concept behind ‘The Wicked & The Divine’? Do you think it’s something that will draw your interest or does knowing the characters have a limited lifespan have you worried that it will be over in the blink of an eye?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter