Gal Gadot recently spoke about playing Wonder Woman, expressing “It’s the physical preparations that I’m starting now. A very serious training regime – Kung Fu, kickboxing, swords, jujutsu, Brazilian…1,000 and 1 things…I’ll gain body mass.”  So it’s obvious that the most famous female superhero will be putting her Amazonian combat training to use in the sequel to ‘Man of Steel’.

Though rumors about the exact extent of her involvement have varied–some have stated that she will only be making a small appearance, while others state that she will have a beefier role– whichever the case, she’ll be suited up for action!

Master scoop-scorer El Mayimbe posted a tweet based on one of his more-accurate-than-not insider hints:

Anytime Wonder Woman gets any kind of makeover it sparks controversy, but it’s not surprising that the movie makers are shifting away from her famous one-piece with exposed legs, shoulders and arms and no straps on her bodice top.  DC actually attempted twice to alter the costume, first with the infamous “pants and jacket” costume designed by Jim Lee, which was criticized for not having “footies,” nonsensical crisscrossing straps on her arms and a 90s style bomber jacket.

Then before the launch of the New 52, another outfit was revealed which also had leggings, but they were swapped out for bikini-like trunks before the books were published.

But numerous times in the past, for especially epic battles, Diana has donned more heavily armored costumes, going all the way back to George Perez’s run, not to mention, her famous golden eagle armor seen to the left, originally designed by Alex Ross.

The problem is simply that fans love the character’s classic look.  It’s iconic.  Wonder Woman herself is an icon and an inspiration to millions, even aside from actual comic book readers, and they love the version of the hero that they grew up knowing, perhaps most famously by Lynda Carter on the classic TV series.

But with Jason Momoa rumored to be in the mix as a villain, possibly Doomsday, Wonder Woman probably should suit up in more than her bathing suit.

What would you like to see Wonder Woman wearing in the movie?  And what type of role would you like her to play?

Source: Screen Rant