Shortly after ‘Ant-Man’ was made official and added to Marvel Studios’ slate of films, rumors began to circulate about more than one man carrying the mantle of the size-shifting superhero. They began to bubble again when a casting call was released for the film back in November and it called for an “intelligent and appealing” young girl aged six to nine. That sounds an awful lot like a young Cassie Lang, the daughter of the second man to take up the Ant-Man name, Scott Lang. It also didn’t help hide anything when Paul Rudd was cast as Ant-Man late last month, but they never specified which Ant-Man he’d be. Now, speculation is running wilder than ever because director Edgar Wright has just added more fuel to the fire.

Earlier this week, Wright posted the following picture on his blog with the caption “Homework.”:

This still is from an episode of ‘The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ called ‘To Steal An Ant-Man’, which is based on a story from ‘Marvel Premiere’ #47 where Hank Pym’s Ant-Man technology is stolen by a criminal named Scott Lang that is looking to save his sick daughter. Could this mean that the director was watching this episode of the acclaimed animated series to get inspiration for his upcoming film because they share a similar story? Maybe he just set out to watch and read as much Ant-Man related material in order to psyche himself up for the shoot? No one can really answer that except Wright himself, but it seems like the general consensus is that people are making a case for the appearance of both Pym and Lang in the Marvel Cinematic Universe based on this post.

How do you interpret Edgar Wright’s mysterious ‘Ant-Man’-related blog post? Do you take this as confirmation of Scott Lang appearing in Phase Three? Or do you think that the filmmaker is just brushing up on other takes on the character before cameras roll on his long-awaited Marvel movie? Let’s hear your thoughts and theories in the comments below.