With last month’s ‘Infinity’ tie-in, we saw that ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ #9 brought the Guardians one step closer to Thanos yet still gave us no resolution as to what happened between Peter Quill and The Mad Titan while they were in the Cancerverse or how they both were able to return to our universe. (Personally I suspect we will not get any answers until the upcoming Thanos graphic novel that is coming out.) Still, with Gamora so close to her goal of taking out her “father” and most of the crew feeling the same way, they can’t just let it go.

Gamora’s response? Start stirring up trouble in order to get some answers and track The Mad Titan down. How to do that? Well, the Badoon have a slaving station nearby and Gamora’s plan was to take it down, only she had a little help with the matter. Angela decided to come along and help out. The two women had been at odds since Angela’s introduction, but seem to have developed a bond here that is strange to see. Gamora has always been more of a loner to a large extent pre-Guardians, at least when it comes to friendships. Angela had a “sisterhood” of angels she was a part of but even with that, she was never truly close to her kind as she always pushed to be the best.

If I were to complain about anything, it would be why Angela appeared so initially invested in helping Gamora out. She seems overly invested in taking down Thanos which didn’t fully feel right. Once she was helping out, though, the fact that she was feeling righteous in helping take down a group of slavers did feel right.

The battles here were absolutely perfect showing off both Gamora and Angela’s fighting styles. Kevin’s art on this issue was decent throughout but especially shined in all of the fight scenes, and there were quite a few of the Badoon being taken out in this one.

The story moves forward on two fronts though I don’t believe either one is going to be explored soon. On the one hand, we see the Badoon telling Angela that his people and hers have an agreement before recanting. How would he know of her kind if she was the first in the Marvel Universe? It looks as if we’re going to see more of that down the line but it’s one of two that we’ll have to wait on. The second? Something that the followers of ‘Infinity’ already know about: Thanos is still on Earth. It’s a piece of information that the members of the Illuminati know but no one else does. Will these seeds force Quill to go back to his planet? Will he be part of the reason Thanos is freed for his own graphic novel story in the near future? Or will he get side tracked by the upcoming completely unrelated story that will take up a few issues in “The Trial of Jean Grey”?

As much as I’m loving parts of this series, the drag out in finding details is more annoying than teasing. Still, a great read and one I can’t hold against while I’m still flying through each issue.


Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Kevin Maguire