It took seventh months but, at the close to ‘Swamp Thing’ #7, Alec Holland had finally accepted his destiny and become the Swamp Thing again. But, when he did, all readers were given was a silhouette of the new Swamp Thing. Then on DC’s website, the cover had the actual image of the Swamp Thing obscured. Now we finally get what we’ve waited eight issues for… and the new Swamp Thing is awesome!

As the issue opens, The Rot is spreading across the world. Plants are drying up and dying. Undead animals are walking the earth and attacking people. And the dead people are getting back up and attacking even more people. In the desert somewhere near Texas where the Rot and it’s minion Sethe has made its home, the landscape is a literal Hell on Earth with decayed bodies and bits of living tissue formed into buildings and creatures that should never have walked this world… and in the middle of it somewhere is Abby Arcane.

After showing all of The Rot’s devastation, we’re treated to our first glimpse (other than the cover) of the new Swamp Thing as he heads into the center of The Rot to retrieve Abby. The new Swamp Thing is much more fluid than the original. The basic design as created by Wrightson and Wein so long ago is still there but now the avatar of The Green can adapt his body to suit his needs. In this issue, he wears a wooden crown with antlers and his body seems to mirror that of a knight. He also has great plant wings sprouted from his back allowing him the ability of flight. He is truly and most literally the knight of The Green that the Parliament of Trees wanted him to be.

Most of this issue consists of revealing how powerful the Swamp Thing actually is as he smashes his way to the center of Sethe’s rotten domain. I won’t reveal what the Swamp Thing finds in The Rot’s terrible home but it sure as heck isn’t pretty!

Scott Snyder has yet to fail me in the new ‘Swamp Thing’ title. Last issue was so brilliantly written and delivered that I’ve already tentatively put it on my top issues of 2012 list. This issue is mostly action but, even in action, the Swamp Thing is a bloody beautiful book (literally).

That beauty is in no small part due to the art of Yanick Paquette and Marco Rudy. I commented on last issues switches between The Rot and The Green and how the book changes layout depending on what’s being shown. That design continues here with The Rot’s pages being ripped, torn, and bloody while The Green’s are fluid, flowing, and colorful. It’s a enchanting contrast that I absolutely adore.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… read ‘Swamp Thing’! It’s just that good!

Verdict: Buy