Marvel Comics is notorious for its cryptic advertising campaigns, releasing mysterious one word ads for its various comic book events.  Recently, they’ve actually mailed out jigsaw puzzle pieces for an upcoming event, but they’ve only sent one piece to each outlet, leaving a lot of questions unanswered, but it seems to indicate that Marvel is about to host its own “Red Wedding” a la ‘Game of Thrones’.

Here is one example:

Here is another:

What can we discern from these pieces?  For one thing, there are some oddball characters included, including Devil Dinosaur and Moonboy, Forbush Man, and a very old-school version of Alpha Flight.  Someone is getting married and the wedding party is Wolverine, Captain America, Domino and a redhead that could be Black Widow or Mary Jane Watson or even another character.

Here’s a larger shot of multiple pieces put together:

You can click to view a larger version.  But there are a few oddities in this.  It appears to be photoshopped with some things whited out, namely Captain Universe’s lower torso, Wonder Man’s head and the entire person behind Elsa Bloodstone.  (Also, at the very top, it looks like DC’s New 52’s omnipresent Pandora makes an appearance.)  No telling what is being concealed.

But going back to the second image, you might notice that included are Dogpool and Headpool, two members of the Deadpool Family.  That, plus the wonky invitees (Widget, Rocket Raccoon) would seemingly indicate this is a Deadpool-oriented event.

So does that mean that not everyone will make it out alive?  There are some pretty big names in attendance, so presumably most will survive.  But the blood spatter on the first two images would seem to indicate that not everyone will make it through to the bouquet toss.  (Hmmm, Gargoyle seems to be going stag…)

What do you think?  Should Marvel clean house and eliminate some characters at Deadpool’s wedding?

Source Newsarama