image by Stalker Sarah

If you were near the TLC Chinese Theater (formally known as Grauman’s Chinese Theatre) last night, then you may have heard and seen a lot of explosions and smoke. That’s because the cast and crew of ‘Iron Man 3’ were filming some additional scenes and re-shoots for the film.

According to the Hollywood Orchid Suites Facebook page, the footage director Shane Black was filming included “wide-angled shots from cranes positioned high overhead “to capture the full scope, color and liveliness of Hollywood” while they “blow up” Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. There will be flashes of light, debris being propelled out of the courtyard towards the street and about 30 cars driving by with obligatory fender benders.”

Thanks to CBM, we have footage of some of the explosive filming below for you to see! Between the trailers, images and now these on- location footage, ‘Iron Man 3’ will definitely be a great start in launching Marvel’s Phase 2 Cinematic plans.

Let us know what you think of the footage!