SPOILER ALERT! This includes SPOILERS from the shocking mid-season finale of ‘Supernatural’ entitled ‘Holy Terror’ as well as the upcoming second half of the season.  If you haven’t seen it yet, turn back!

In the last episode of ‘Supernatural’, things really fell apart.  Sam is revealed to be sharing his body and mind, not with the benevolent Ezekial as we have been led to believe all season, but the evil Gadreel, who takes over full control of Sam, after forcing Dean to reject Castiel, who is captured and tortured.  But… of course that’s not the big news.  In order to prove his loyalty to Metatron, Gadreel kills Kevin Tran, the Winchesters’ awkward psychic ally.

Now ‘Supernatural’ executive producer Jeremy Carver is speaking out about the shocking loss of a beloved character.  “I know it’s going to hurt… With any luck, being ‘Supernatural’, there will be a way to perhaps see him sometime down the line, but it’s with a very heavy heart that we see Kevin be murdered.”

With Dean essentially alone now, what will he do in the second part of the season?

“Dean has made two very big decisions here. One was at the end of last season when he convinced Sam not to close the gates of hell and the beginning of this season making the decision to essentially trick Sam into accepting the angel Ezekiel — who was actually the angel Gadreel. But he made these two crucial decisions that affected the boys’ mythology and to watch particularly the second one turn into a heartbreaking failure is really what’s going to be driving Dean from here on out in the season, starting with he’s going to do whatever it takes to track down this angel and eject him from Sam. And that’s going to lead him to making alliances that he never thought he’d be forced to make. But he’ll do anything, basically, to try to right what he, I guess, considers one of the biggest mistakes he’s ever made.

Kevin has become a really beloved character on this show… but sometimes you have to go where the story goes. And Dean finds himself… unmoored by this with really no one but himself to blame. And as we know, Dean’s go-to is blaming himself anyway. And the fact that he’s right this time, hits him hard. And I think we’ll find him struggling with this for quite a few episodes.”

But don’t expect him to spend too much time sobbing and wallowing in misery.

“Things are kept moving and brisk. You can throw a pity party all you’d like but there’s always a monster around the corner waiting to be killed. The last thing we’re going to do is, whether he wants to or not, no one is going to get a chance to drown his sorrows. That’s where the unlikely alliances come in and people pulling Dean out of this come into play.  They keep things moving and keep it interesting, compelling.”

What about Sam?

“I think Jared has done a wonderful job playing the role and I think the real fun thing we find in episode nine that Jared hasn’t just been playing two roles, he has, in essence, been playing three. So that’s a lot of fun to see this other side come out as well. And Jensen has done a wonderful job playing against this. So that’s really what driving the mythology of the boys when we come back.”

And what about Castiel?

“You’re going to see that Castiel, now an angel, is going to find himself in this angelic frame more than ever and this might be a little bit of a case of be careful what you wish for. Now that he’s an angel again, he’s going to have to find his place in this angelic battle, and it may not be the place he imagined for himself, which is going to confront him with some choices he perhaps never thought he’d have to make. So he’s right back in the fire, as it were.”

You can read more, including some details about individual episodes at EW.

So what do you think? Are you still grieving over Kevin or think his demise was needed to move the story forward? And what about Castiel? Where do you think his alliances will be now?

Source: EW