In this issue of ‘Uncanny X-Force’ we get the conclusion of ‘The Great Corruption’ story line! Just in time too as we aren’t too far from the ‘Uncanny X-Force’ and ‘Cable and X-Force’ crossing paths in a major crossover which will leave only one title standing!

We open the issue with Uncanny X-Force split with Psylocke’s group trapped in the Hellish limbo dimension and Bishop’s group preparing to mount an assault on The Revenant Queen. The Revenant Queen which we now know to actually be a form of Cassandra Nova who has been using the revenants in a bid to take over the world! Right off the bat we are clued in as to how dire the situation is with the only way to close the portal she had opened was to sacrifice a psychic and she has removed the last of them from the area. The blood moon is rising and there isn’t much time left!

Which for any fan of any team of X-Force knows is just enough time to get the job done! Bishop and crew attack just as Psylocke is able to get her team back to safety. Back on Earth they are able to free the young girl Spiral has been trying to keep safe since issue one and she ports them out of there. Cassandra takes over the only host that is at her disposal in the form of the Revenant Psylocke. Waitasec, isn’t Psylocke a partial psycic? Looks like they have their sacrifice to close the door to the realm of the Revenants and save the day once again!

One of the Revenant’s ends up looking like Hope and Bishop suddenly remembers that he had tried to kill her and seems to be in shock. The issue ends with Bishop suddenly very angry. He has his memories back and isn’t happy that they had been tampered with and now remembers exactly who he is and what he was doing. The question will be in the next issue if his goal is to still kill Hope or if whatever event she was going to trigger has already started and it’s now a moot point?

Honestly, I’m not sure I care. We’re 15 issues in and there is still no “team” to speak of here an this book will be ending when Cable’s next iteration of X-Force beigns after the major upcoming crossover. There has never been a bond or team here aside from out of necessity and even that was broken quite literally the moment it was no longer needed. With Spiral and her friend barely in the mix and Fantomex and company jumping in and out of filler side issues I’m just glad to see this coming to an end.

The upside? Hey Bishop has his memories back and this will be leading into the crossover with the X-Force that I want to read about! I’ve been dying to see a Cable and Bishop confrontation since the first issue of his return and it’s finally at hand. Maybe that’ll give this series the upswing at the end of it’s run that it deserves. There was a great mix of characters here I just don’t feel that it worked right with the lack of a team dynamic in a clearly team-centric title. ‘Thunderbolts’ I feel was a much better example of how to get people to work together who don’t necessarily like or trust one another.



Writer: Samuel Ryan Humphries
Artist: Philippe Briones