Although this scene was already glimpsed in the official trailer, a longer clip of Four, played by Theo James, revealing his tattoos to Tris (Shailene Woodley) has been released.

In the book, the members of the Dauntless faction all get tattoos as an indoctrinating/coming of age act to show their bravery and toughness.  Tris opts for a simple image of three birds, indicating the feeling of freedom she experiences.  Then Four reveals that he went a bit further with his, getting the symbols for all five factions of their segregated society: Abnegation (the selfless); Amity (the peaceful); Candor (the honest); Dauntless (the brave);  and Erudite (the intelligent).

The story focuses on Tris discovering that she is Divergent– meaning that she can shift between the qualities of each faction… which puts her life at risk.  Could it be that Four is also secretly Divergent?  Check out the video clip below:

“I don’t want to be just one thing,” he states.  “I can’t be.  I want to be brave and I want to be selfless, intelligent and honest and kind.”  So is he Divergent or does he just want to be?  Tune in to the movie to find out.

In other ‘Divergent’ news, Summit Entertainment issued a statement that director Neil Burger will not be returning for the sequel.  This might cause some to get nervous.  Don’t jump to conclusions.  It isn’t because Summit is unhappy with the film Burger delivered.

In their official statement, Summit expressed:

“Neil Burger is a rock star and he is doing a fantastic job on ‘Divergent’. We can’t wait for you to see the film. But as amazing as Neil is he still cannot be in two places at once and thus needs to finish post production on ‘Divergent’ while we gear up to start production on ‘Insurgent’.  So, although Neil will continue on as part of our ‘Divergent’ family as an executive producer, we sadly have to find another director for the next chapter in Veronica Roth’s fantastic series.”

So the scheduling of these movies has thrown things off.  Keep in mind, ‘The Hunger Games‘ was directed by Gary Ross who delivered a wonderful, emotional adaptation of that book, but Francis Lawrence took over with ‘Catching Fire‘ and to me delivered an even bigger, more lush film.  (Although without a tiny lovable little girl to kill off, not quite as sad.)  And the Harry Potter films had a revolving door of directors, so these franchises are strong enough to endure behind the scenes shake ups and sometimes even benefit from them, as a fresh eye and voice can add even more to the end product.

A replacement has not been named at this point.

‘Divergent’ opens in theaters on March 21, 2014, while ‘Insurgent’ will arrive the following March in 2015 and ‘Allegiant’ will hit a year later in March of 2016.

Source Cinema BlendE!