cosplay sdcc 2018

Hello, again, avid fans of cosplaying! In our second installment of ‘Cosplay from San Diego Comic-Con 2018,’ we bring to you all of the best cosplayers who dressed as characters from your favorite Marvel and DC Comics! These fans stay true to the original theme of Comic-Con and really go out of their way to bring the best of the comics to life, while also including great costumes from the big-screen versions of those characters and some fun variants of their own design. As per usual there were a lot of Spider-Man, Supermen, and Batmen, but we tried to display as much variation as we could with these photos, so make sure to check them out for yourself below!

As always, the Deadpools were a lot of fun to spot, but for this group my favorites had to be the Bucky Barnes dissolving into ash costume (from ‘Avengers: Infinity War’), as well as the guys who dressed up as Iron Fist and Iron Spider-Man, as “Iron Spider-Man” was basically a guy in a Spider-Man Mask with an actual clothes iron, and I tend to like the punnier costumes.

Honorable mention would go to the guy in the black archer costume, as, though it is kind of hard to tell in the photos, the costume actually did glow when hit with the right light, which made for a very cool effect.

Make sure to share your thoughts on all the DC and Marvel cosplay costumes (below) in the comments section!