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In a casting call that could be seen as completely out of left field, the role for the villain in Zack Snyder’s (‘300′,’Man of Steel‘) ‘Batman vs. Superman‘ (assuming that’s the title) has been offered to Joaquin Phoenix (‘Her‘,’The Village’). There’s not much detail as of yet since we don’t know if the film will include one or multiple villains, though Phoenix might be a good choice on a new take on Lex Luthor. Current trends in comic films have had sequels seeing a rise in the number of opponents they face off against which could lead to a secondary villain. That is, unless an initial confrontation between Batman and Superman falls into that category before they end up working together to safe the world, or Metropolis, or Gotham.

While Phoenix has been offered the part, he hasn’t accepted at this time. He usually doesn’t do big studio blockbusters and was already up for a role in a film that is more his style for a new Gus Van Sant film, ‘Sea of Trees’. The question is, however, does Phoenix not have much in the way of blockbusters under his belt from a lack of interest or a lack of offers? He has played a variety of roles that could lead to a deeper character which, in this case, could be fitting for a villain.

Phoenix might be able to bring a really cerebral and sinister take so Luthor could be a good choice as could Metallo depending on the iteration. Granted, as they haven’t even officially said he was offered the main villain role it could be one of The Flash, Wonder Woman’s, or Nightwing’s villains. There are just too many unknowns at this time to really be sure one way or another.

What do you say, would Phoenix make a good Lex Luthor or would you see him as the lead in another villainous role in the film?

Source: /film