In the last issue, we have Wolverine and Cyclops both tracking down the same sentinel filled base at the maneuvering of Mystique (whose still pretending to be Dazzler from ‘Uncanny X-Men’ #9!). On top of that, we have 2 fake mutants that have enrolled at the studio at her request.

With two story lines going on you would almost feel this could be a rushed issue – but it isn’t. Not by a longshot (and I’m not talking about the superhero who is off saving the Marvel Universe in his own 4 issue arc)! With this book soon coming to a close for the next iteration of NOW!, we’re getting an issue every 2 weeks, and if every issue is this enjoyable I couldn’t be happier!

So with the two story lines, we see Wolverine and Cyclops having to join forces against the S.H.I.E.L.D. sentinels. Only, they aren’t that happy about it. Cyclops is willing to work with him for the greater good but Logan is stubborn, as is fitting for him. Without his healing factor he doesn’t have much of a choice but to take the help if he wants to get out of this one alive. Also, it’s great to see his perspective on Wolverine using the school as a way to believe he’s redeemed his entire past with it. In a sense, he’s redone himself but he can’t have turned all of his sins around in the process. Not yet at least.

Back at the school we have Joseph and Josephine still infiltrating the school and gathering intel. Only Joseph is starting to feel that he really enjoys the mutants. He’s having fun learning with the other mutants, but he sees them as people and not problems. He clearly doesn’t want to hurt them but he wants to be a part of them. Josephine talks him back on track for their mission though. While she wants to blow the whole school away in a fiery explosion (she’s clearly taken by a very anti-mutant agenda), he’s trying to not be helpful. The thing is what she does report on the mutants she’s observed has merit and are all things that the staff really need to find out about. Her strong will finally convinces him to help out though when he finally agrees to be the agent he was originally was – we get a nice little surprise twist. It’s one that you’ll be both happy to see and wish didn’t have to happen.

I really love what writer Jason Aaron does with dialogue and being able to have concurrent story lines without the book feeling too busy or either one feeling too flat. Both have just the right amount of action and story telling to work and the characters are both fun and believable.

Side note, I want artist Pepe Larraz kept on ‘X-Men’ titles in the future, or at least whichever ones Aaron are on as they clearly are in sync with a great mixture of story telling and artwork that really expresses what should be on the page.


Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Pepe Larraz