Now that the ‘Daredevil‘ reboot didn’t happen in time and the rights have officially fallen back into the hands of Marvel, director David Slade (who was attached to the film before Joe Carnahan was) has revealed what he had in plans for the man with no fear.

For the most part it sounds as if it would have been pretty promising. The concept would have put Daredevil in the 70’s and in his yellow suit. He would be protecting Hell’s Kitchen and the city through a gang war between The Kingpin, who was taking over what little of the city he didn’t already control, and the Irish Mafia.

70’s? Kingpin? Gangwar? Daredevil in a yellow suit? All of that sounds absolutely awesome to see on the big screen (OK aside from the yellow suit. I may be in the minority but I always hated that look.)

The exact response was given to Film School Rejects:

[I saw it as] really complex and exciting. It was complicated [Laughs], and in the most unimaginable Fox way possible. I was really, really excited about it … It’s funny, I remember Joe Carnahan went after it hard when the rights were about to go. He cut together that thing that was great and exciting, but it was kind of sad, in a way, because everything in that trailer we had attempted to do [Laughs]. Every single thing.

It’s in the 70s, Kingpin is going through New York dealing with the Irish mafia, and there’s Daredevil in the yellow suit. It was all there! You know, it’s a big studio film and it’s tougher…there are certain people who are really good at that, and I hope to be really good at that. I will continue to try my best.

While the concept sounds great on paper I’m going to have to say that I’m happy that Fox didn’t continue with the rights of the character. With how horrible the first film botched the concept, I really just want Marvel to own the film rights to all of their franchises right now.

While the current ‘Avengers’ story line appears to be going cosmic, I don’t see a place for this particular masked vigilante on a team that will be taking on Thanos, so there will be plenty of room for him to have his own movie, show, or even for making potential guest appearances on rumored Marvel series such as ‘Cloak and Dagger’ or ‘The Punisher’. All of them are just concepts right now but that is the part of the Marvel world where the Daredevil truly fits in. (Seriously how great would it be to have him with his own movie and guest star through those franchises and vice verse with references of the Avengers through them all?)

I love what Marvel has been doing so far and am excited to see what they will do with one of their more interesting characters now that they can use him. David Slade had a cool idea but I think there’s more potential for him to be used in the current Marvel Studios universe then over at Sony.