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Last month, Netflix and Marvel announced a partnership which would bring four new series to the streaming service starring Marvel’s heroes Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Jessica Jones, which would then lead into a miniseries which would combine the four as The Defenders.

Now Drew Goddard has been hired to serve as the showrunner for ‘Daredevil’.  It should be noted that Goddard has worked on other Joss Whedon projects.  He was a writer on ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ and ‘Angel’ and also wrote ‘Cloverfield‘ and directed ‘The Cabin In The Woods’.  In addition to those projects, he co-wrote ‘World War Z‘ and was a writer on ‘Alias’ and ‘Lost‘.  While Whedon doesn’t appear to have any involvement in these new projects… well, I’m sure the connection didn’t hurt.

Here is Marvel’s official announcement: brought you the first news of the historic team-up between Marvel Television and Netflix, and now we’re proud to officially announce that award-winning writer/director Drew Goddard (“Buffy The Vampire Slayer,” “Lost,” “Cloverfield,” “Cabin in the Woods,” “World War Z”) will join Marvel’s “Daredevil”! Goddard will write and direct the “Daredevil” first episode, setting the tone and look for the show, while also serving as series Showrunner and Executive Producer for the 13-episode series premiering on Netflix in 2015.

Goddard has an impressive track record working on genre projects, although I have to say that I didn’t care for ‘Cabin In The Woods’, so we’ll have to see how this works out.  The show is still over a year away, so I’m sure we’ll hear more as it approaches, including casting news.

Are you excited about Daredevil and the others streaming into your homes via Netflix?  How do you think they should present the character?  Comment below!

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