We knew pretty early that ‘Bates Motel’ had been renewed for a second season and fans of the show have been eagerly awaiting to see where the series will be going. Today, we don’t really get that. What we do get is two quick teasers that show off Norman and Norma Bates in the continued story of the modernized prelude to one of the greatest horror films of all time, ‘Psycho’.

I won’t lie. When I first heard about the concept behind the show saying that I had doubts would be an understatement. Thankfully A&E has proven me wrong and has given us another great drama with a focus on suspense that has been a pleasure to watch so far. One of the main things that I enjoy about the show is that even from the start, they’ve been saying it has a shelf life. While there isn’t a set number of seasons figured out, they seem to understand that it can’t go on forever and produce the show knowing this fact.

At this time there is no set premiere date and all we know is that we’ll be able to see new episodes at some point in 2014. However, as the first season originally aired on March 18, 2013,  I would imagine we’ll be seeing a March release for the show to resume airing.

Clearly the Bates will be back though in this next season there will be a mini-expansion of the cast with Kathleen Robertson (‘Boss’), Paloma Kwiatkowski (‘Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters‘), and Michael Vartan (‘Alias’) to the cast as series regulars.

Meanwhile, check out these teasers for the show:

And in case you missed it but just couldn’t get enough of that wonderful glowing sign, here was the teaser from a few weeks ago that lacked any actual character footage:

When talking about the upcoming second season of the show, writer and executive producer Carlton Cuse (‘Lost‘) had this to say:

“There’s a little bit of Stand By Me in the second season. We’re thinking a lot about how many seasons this show has and I think, by the time we finish the second season, we should have a good idea of how many seasons the show sustains. It is a show that needs to end. It’s more of a story than a franchise. We know a version of how the story ends – from the movie [Psycho] – we think it would not be satisfying for the audience to get an exact duplication of what’s in the movie, so we’ll have our own ending suggested by the movie, but the way it unfolds is going to be unique to our show. The audience is going to want to get there.”

Are you excited to see what new levels of madness Norman will slowly be spiraling into through the second season of ‘Bates Motel’? Are there any key story lines you’d love to see wrapped up or explored further? Sound off below!

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