Lom. Rudy Lom. Kennex and company’s favorite (or only) egghead goes undercover to take down The Bishop, the latest big time criminal in a city rife with crime in this week’s Almost Human.

Rudy fidgets before making a break for it as unknown men shoot at him, winging his arm. He hides behind cover and glancing behind at his assailants and…

24 hours beforehand…

Things open up peacefully enough as John and Dorian are having some partner time at a local Japanese restaurant. Dorian continues his role as “one-upman”, seemingly winning the battles of snark and wit against his human partner at every turn. Things aren’t going as well for Trevor Cooper, an undercover cop whose cover’s blown as he tries to make a move against this mysterious Bishop. John and Dorian are called to the scene and the former is stunned at his former friend’s death, though the accusations against Cooper as a dirty cop selling the bends, the newest street drug, catches his ire. The discovery of the subcutaneous wire is all the proof Kennex needs, going so far as to say “If he was dirty, how come he’s wearing a wire?” Detective Paul, the department’s resident bastard, is all about crucifying the dead cop. Kennex defends his former friend before meeting up with Kelly, Trevor’s wife. She mentions a cabin they had to Kennex and Dorian and the cops believe there may be some answers there.

While Kennex is trying to get more info on Cooper’s recent behavior, Maldonado and Alexio Barros, Captain of the 25th Precinct’s Narcotics division, speak about Cooper and his itch to take down the lead distributor for the bends. Though she doesn’t want to do it, Maldonado tells Barros that she’s going to pursue the case to determine the fate of Trevor’s posthumous reputation. On the way to the cabin, Kennex tells Dorian that the transmitter for the wire Cooper was wearing may be in the cabin. He’s not the only one with that idea as, when they arrive, the place has been tossed. The baddies didn’t find the transmitter but Kennex does. He takes the transmitter back to HQ and the gang listens to it. Based on the information, they realize that Cooper may have been right about the bends becoming an epidemic. But they need a drug chef, able to cook the chemicals to its street drug format. Enter Rudy, who’s pretty handy with the chemistry they need though has zero experience in the undercover game. He volunteers and Kennex taps lowlife Bends dealer Tony to broker a meeting between the Bishop and Lom: Rudy Lom.

The name’s Lom. Rudy Lom.

For once, Detective Paul, with a bit of help from Stahl and her profile for Lom, provides that he’s not just a Dick (his given first name) when he gives Rudy a crash course on undercover work. “Keep your lies as close to the truth as possible,” he offers sagely. After Tony comes through with the meet—in part from Kennex dismissing charges for a Mona Davis—Kennex goes through final preparations with Rudy. It’s nearly all for naught when Rudy nearly gets himself killed from the start. Dorian suggests he enter and it helps to level Rudy out. As Rudy’s skills a mixer are tested, surveillance roaches inside (yes, I said that) ID a couple of the black hats, Effren Cruz and Gavin Maxwell, the latter they believe to be the Bishop. Maxwell has Rudy drink some weird concoction that counteracts Rudy’s own ‘make my body a walking GPS’ formula. The team moves in when they lose his signal but it’s too late; Rudy’s gone.

The crew interrogates the captured Cruz, who tells them that Maxwell is not the Bishop. Coupled with info on Maxwell’s prior case being dismissed and the counteragent to such a new tracer, all signs point to Alexio Barros. Maldonado makes a stall call to Barros that the cops trace to an Iron Works facility. Rudy buys himself some time, dropping the passion and creativity needed only those who love their craft can understand. Not too long after his impassioned speech, when the Cruz and the others don’t answer, Barros knows something’s wrong…and we’re all caught up with the first 60 secodns of the show.

Bleeding and with nothing to fight back with, Rudy hides from just as Kennex and Dorian storm the premises, the first to the scene. After taking out a few baddies, Kennex trails after the retreating Barros while Dorian and the tank android go at it, Terminator 2 style. Dorian spends most of the fight getting pounded but eventually grabs the upper hand, scrapping the opposing droid while Kennex takes down Barros in the same permanent fashion.

At the station, Rudy’s congratulated for his efforts while Kelly thanks John. “You’re a good man,” she tells him before walking away. The night ends with Dorian and Rudy crashing John’s personal haven, the cop bar McQuaid’s. All is well as the good guys add another notch in their fight against crime in 2048.

More Than Human

  • While it is funny and often hits the mark, some of Dorian’s one-liners seem to be oddly out of place. I’m not sure if it’s intentional on the writers to highlight the fact that the DRN is still trying to assimilate himself into the human world or their beliefs that he needs to comment on every opening Kennex gives him. If it’s the former, then I understand but if it’s the latter…well, sometimes less is more.
  • The first three episodes showcased some of the more intense gun battles in recent memory but “The Bends” falls a bit short in the action department. The one-on-one between Dorian and the tank droid as well as Barros and Kennex are a bit weak in comparison to what we’ve become used to. Of course, much of that is made up for when Urban channels his inner ‘Dredd’, rightfully blowing the dirty Captain out of this world.
  • Though it’s only episode number four, I’m still waiting to discover if all these one-off stories will somehow be connected with the Syndicate highlighted in the series premiere and their attempt to capture Gina Carano’s android head.

So what did you think? Is ‘Almost Human’ worth watching so far?