‘Stan’s Rants’ is a series created by Lee for his YouTube channel, Stan Lee’s “World of Heroes” where the Generalissmo talks about whatever is on his mind.

In this ‘Stan’s Rants’ video, Lee answers the age old question “Who would win if [INSERT CHARACTER] fought [INSERT OTHER CHARACTER]?”

Apparently, Lee often gets asked about which one of his characters would win in a fight because he finds the need to rant about it.

Watch the video to find out which Marvel character would win in a fight!

Yes, the answer to that question is whoever the writer wants!

So, what do you think? Was this a cop out answer? Hey, for someone who works as hard as Stan Lee, I guess there’s no such thing as a cop out answer.

Let’s just hope fans around the world don’t stop discussing who would win in a fight. The age-old question results philosophical discussions galore, uniting people of different opinions in their love of superheroes.

So, we turn to you. Which Marvel character do you think will win in a fight?