I’m surprised Iron Thrones don’t exist in everyone’s living room by now. However, ‘Game of Thrones‘ fans, you are in luck because the people over at Instructubles put together a handy-dandy DIY guide on how to make your own Iron Throne.

Step 1: Get a regular old chair

Don’t worry. This chair will be come Iron Throne-y before you know it! The team at Instructibles found a plastic Adirondack chair that you can find at hardware stores.

Step 2: Create a platform for your chair.

The team used 2×4 lumber and 1/2” plywood at the top. 2X4s and 2X2s were added as legs for the platform.

Step 3: Frame Your Chair with Yardsticks

Yardsticks- who would’ve thunk! Screw in the yardsticks around the chair.

Step 4: Layer the First Round of Swords

The team used pink foam insulation (hopefully not with asbestos) to create the swords.

Step 5: Add More Swords

The team used craft foam for the swords on the actual seat of chair, so when you’re pretending you’re Joffrey you can be more comfortable.

Step 6: Add Even More Swords

There can never be enough swords!

Step 7: Paint It

Be sure to wait until the paint dries before you have a seat!

See? It’s simple! Actually, it took the team at Instructibles over 3 weeks to make, but they imagine you could do it in about a week and a half.

If you decide to take this project on, we’d love to see your finished results, so post them in the comments section below!

Source: Instructibles