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On this season of ‘The Walking Dead’, a number of notable characters from Robert Kirkman’s popular Image comic book have been added to the cast. First, we saw Lawrence Gilliard Jr. from ‘The Wire’ as Bob Stookey. Then, a modified version of the Chalmers family from the tie-in novel ‘Rise of the Governor’ appeared in the last two episodes. Later, the fan favorite trio of Abraham Ford, Eugene Porter, and Rosita Espinosa were revealed to be popping up in the second half of the season next year. Now, another new addition is being made to the cast, but it doesn’t sound like someone that people are familiar with.

According to reports, ‘Greek’ and ‘Suburgatory’ actor Andrew J. West will be joining the fourth season of AMC’s hit zombie drama with an option to return for the recently announced fifth season as Gareth. Sources say that West’s character isn’t present in the source material, but he will be “a big presence and play an important character”. Despite not being from the comics, he may be a “remix of sorts of an unidentified character from the series”.

Previously, when they announced Gilliard’s role on the show, they used a codename for the character. It wasn’t until later that we found out who he really would be embodying in the show. It’s possible that Scott M. Gimple and company could be doing the same thing once again with “Gareth”.

If I had to make a guess, since they mention that West is only appearing as a guest star this season and could appear again next season, maybe he’ll be playing someone from The Hilltop Colony like Gregory or Ethan. That way, they can introduce Negan and the Saviors next season after all this stuff with the Governor wraps up.

Who do you think that Andrew J. West will play on ‘The Walking Dead’? Do you have any picks as to who the writers could be remixing from the comic? Share your picks in the comments below.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter